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Platform 9 3/4

Hogwarts is Home Sorting Community

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Hogwarts Express
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Welcome to the community. I, Trin belladiavolo am your Voting Manager for Term XLVII. Applications will be placed into the queue where they will be approved on a weekly basis, no more than five at a time. When the week finishes, your application will be sorted and you will receive invitations to join hogwartsishome and your common room.

Applications are generally approved from the queue Sunday through Tuesday. Please do not email me or any other moderator regarding this. Your inquiry will be redirected back to this information. The cut-off for accepting applications will be Monday at 2:00 AM UTC. Applications received after this time will be dropped the following week. You'll be messaged with a date of when you can expect your application to be posted. If you haven't received a message by Monday at 2:00 AM UTC, your application will likely not be up for voting that week.

If you receive a message telling you that the queue is full, please keep in mind that you will need to wait until other submitted applications are approved and posted, which will free space in the queue. Again, please do not contact any moderators about this. This is entirely dependent upon LiveJournal's own limits for moderation queues.

You are strongly advised to read the Platform 9 3/4 FAQ before completing your application. It contains examples of good applications and bad applications, and the likely scenarios they will create, further advice on how to respond to the prompts, and what to do if you are unhappy with your sort. Please save a copy of your application in case you need to expand or resubmit. Do not rely on the Voting Manager to have done this for you.

Please note that the form might default to Rich Text Format when you type up your application. In order to make the HTML work, be sure to click the HTML tab in the upper right hand side instead.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO ELABORATE; Not doing so may result in a majority of no votes, which will DELAY your sorting.


The Mother of all Rules: Do not try to join hogwartsishome before you have been sorted. You will receive an invitation to the community on the Sunday evening that your application is stamped. Any membership requests before that time will be rejected.

1. ABSOLUTELY NO DELETING OF YOUR APPLICATION AT ANY TIME. Members take time to vote on your application, and receive points for doing so. If you decide that you would not like to join the community after your sorting, that is entirely fine, but please do not delete your application.

2. No replying to or screening of votes under any circumstances. If you have a legitimate complaint about a vote you have received, please email the Voting Manager, who will deal with it for you. Rest assured your complaint will be taken seriously, and we will do what we can to set the matter right.

3. Do not manipulate the code we give you. This includes changing the font type in ANY way. Doing so creates visibility issues, and can mess up your coding if done incorrectly.

4. While we understand some applicants may not be native English speakers, please do your best to use proper grammar and correct spelling throughout your application. No txt spk!

5. In order to be sorted - Journals must either be at least two months old - OR - You must link to how you found out about our community in your application. Your application may be rejected otherwise, and we do not keep copies for later use. If you have a query relating to this (for example, you are using a newly created journal, although you are not new to LiveJournal yourself or you cannot link to where you found out about us), please contact the Voting Manager. Please be aware that contacting the Voting Manager does not mean you will be granted an immediate bypass of this rule, but we will work with you wherever we can.

6. If your application is Muggle-voted, you will need to wait 2 weeks before you can reapply. This rule is in place so you have the opportunity to review and reconsider your application if you wish to retry with either a new or a reconfigured one.

7. If you are a returning member and would like to rejoin your house WITHOUT first being resorted, please PM your Prefect(s) or comment here. If you have been sorted at least once, you may rejoin at any time, provided you were not banned.

8. If you are a returning member and would like to be resorted, you will need to have left hogwartsishome and all of its subsidiaries at least 2 months prior to reapplying. If you have recently left HiH or held any positions (mod, prefect), please contact the Voting Manager to see if you should screen your application.

9. If you access LJ through an Open ID account that links to your Dreamwidth account or a Google+ account, you can apply through your Open ID account if you are not already a member of hogwartsishome. Open ID accounts through other services (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc.) are not accepted at this time. Your Dreamwidth or Google+ accounts must be more than two months old.

10. And finally, please APPLY AS YOURSELF! Do not apply as a roleplaying character. When your application is approved for sorting, members look to sort the person behind the application, and not a fictional character!

The first time you are found to break a rule, you will be warned.
The second time, you may find your application rejected.

If you have issues with being warned or banned, please email or PM your Voting Manager.

There is no way we can catch every offensive thing someone might say. If you see something that looks improper or is getting out of hand, please contact one of the moderators!


1. Be sure to sign all votes with your name and house.
NEW: Place your vote in the subject line of your comment. Failure to do so will result in 0 points for your vote.
• All votes must be in one comment -- if you forget to sign, please edit or delete your comment and repost it with the correct information.
NEW: Elaborated votes are worth 5 points when you also sign with a sigtag.
• Signing with a sigtag gets you 2 points for your house per vote (if you only specify a house for the vote and do not further elaborate).
• Signing with text only/no icon gets you 1 point.
• If you do not sign your vote at all, you will receive 0 points.

2. Please only use the muggle vote if you feel the applicant is pushing for a specific house or if they are bashing one of the houses. The no-vote should be utilized if you do not feel comfortable voting for someone because the application is too short, or because you cannot confidently place the applicant in a specific house.
• Muggle-voted applicants are required to wait 2 weeks before they can reapply, so please think carefully when voting! •

3. If you've No-Voted an applicant, and they've elaborated, please delete or edit the No-Vote and repost the comment with the house you believe they belong in. Do not place second comments under the original No-Vote.

4. Do NOT use Muggle Votes or No-Votes for any other reasons! Do not 'No-Vote' for grammatical errors or incorrect coding. Do not 'No-Vote' for House-Bashing either - that is what the Muggle vote is for. Read and vote correctly please!

5. Sigtags must be no larger than a total of 470 pixels (width plus height). In addition, they cannot exceed 150KB in file size. Any larger and they will not count towards points for your House.

6. No applicant bashing. If you are found to be rude or snarky towards the applicant, you will be subject to consequences.

7. No House bashing. This should go without saying within the community, but if your vote is found to be demeaning or otherwise offensive towards a House, you will also be subject to consequences.

8. No replying to votes under any circumstances. If the applicant or another member (other than a Prefect or another Mod) replies to your vote, DO NOT respond back. Instead, contact your Voting Manager. Additionally, please remember to be civil when discussing votes with other members outside of platform_934. Every person's vote is a valid opinion; should you feel as though your vote is being challenged, feel free to e-mail the mod to request clarification and/or support.

The first time you are found to have broken a rule (unless it is outlandish by all standards), you receive a warning.
The second time, you will be banned.

Arguing the above within the community may result in your warning being upgraded to a ban. If you have issues with being warned or banned, please email a moderator.

There is no way we can catch every offensive thing someone might say. If you see something that looks improper or is getting out of hand, please contact one of the moderators!

Voting Deadline is 2:00 AM UTC every Monday.


1. The Top Sorter Levels can be found here. Please contact your Prefects for more details.

2. For your own reference, please feel free to refer to the sorting cheat sheets while sorting.

Term XLVII Moderation Team

Voting Manager: belladiavolo
HiH Head Mod:theaeblackthorn

Questions and Feedback

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PM: Send a PM
Email: voting mod
Twitter: @platform_934, leave a comment here with your Twitter handle.

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