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I Believe A Sorting is in Order...

  • What sort of profession in the wizarding world would you choose and why?

    For better or worse, I have an insatiable curiosity about anything and everything, especially regarding subjects considered vague, forbidden, or both. Thirst for knowledge dominates both my professional and personal life, and if I were to live and work in the wizarding world, the best outlet for this thirst would be as an Unspeakable in the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic. Studying such abstract concepts as death, love, thought, and time while assessing the role magic would play in each sounds like an intriguing prospect. I enjoy jobs that make me use my head and keep me on my toes, and the position of Unspeakable would certainly fit the bill.

  • If you could teach one class at Hogwarts, what would it be and why?

    I would teach Muggle Studies, but only if it were made mandatory for all Hogwarts students. This might outrage some of the older, more traditional wizarding families, but Muggles outnumber wizards by a large margin, and the fact that so many wizards remain ignorant about the vast majority of the population is ridiculous, even dangerous. (That is not to say that Muggles aren’t just as closed-minded or more so regarding wizards, but one of the groups at least has to bridge the gap by learning about and understanding the other.)

  • This year, The TriWizard Tournament is being held once again and you're of age. Do you put your name in the Goblet? Why or why not?

    In my previous application, I had responded saying that yes, I would put my name in the Goblet. After giving this question a bit more thought, I would have to now say that I would not put my name in. Though the grand prize would be tempting, of course, I would rather have fame and glory on my own terms, with less risk of dying. Admittedly, winning the TriWizard Tournament would guarantee said fame and glory, but losing it would virtually guarantee disgrace and ridicule. (Not to mention that an inherent amount of athleticism seems to be required to succeed in the tournament--an amount that I currently do not possess.)

  • If you could choose your animagus form, what would it be and why?

    I would be a Blue Ringed Octopus. Though it is one of the smallest species of octopus (about the size of a golf ball) it is one of the most poisonous animals in the sea. An odd choice? I don't think so. The way I see it, I am a fairly small person (at about 5'2") and not very intimidating looking, much like the Blue Ringed Octopus, appearing as it does like a yellow golf ball with blue spots and tiny tentacles. However, if threatened, I would not hesitate to defend myself in any way I could.

  • What HP character do you identify with most and why?

    I see a little of myself in many of the characters--Neville's initial awkwardness and subsequent strength, Luna's offbeat way of looking at the world, Snape's cynicism and ability to nurture a grudge like a puppy, Lupin's quiet irreverence...I could go on. However, Hermione has to be the character that I see the most of myself in, not only in parts of the series, but consistently throughout. Aura of overall geekiness from the beginning? Check. Outcast with her nose forever in a book? Check. Has a hard time making friends due to poor social skills, but stays fiercely loyal to the ones she gets? Check. Someone with a vengeful streak a mile wide if angered? Check.

  • What would you see if you looked into the Mirror of Erised?

    I would see myself, slightly older and (hopefully) wiser, on my own and making my way in the world. I would have my own house, pay for my own things, and my achievements would be mine and mine alone, with no one else receiving credit for them. Though I'd make a name for myself on my own, I would still want my friends and loved ones by my side. I would also like my family to, if not like the choices I make for myself, at least respect them enough to leave me alone. In short, I'd like my own piece of the American Dream, though the white picket fence would be purely optional. (And, of course, I’d want world peace.)

  • If you won a million dollars, how would you spend it?

    - $100,000 would go into savings, because it never hurts to have a little bit set aside for a rainy day, plus the amount would increase over time due to interest.
    - $200,000 would go towards a variety of different causes. At the top of my list would be caring for the mentally ill, domestic violence prevention, women’s rights, literacy (for children and adults), and hunger in less fortunate parts of the world (especially places like the Congo).
    - $200,000 would go towards seeing the world. All of it. I’ve had a bad case of wanderlust since I can remember, but not nearly enough funds or time to cure it.
    - $100,000 would go into playing the stock market, just because I could. (And since I have no clue how to do it, part of those funds would also go towards acquiring a broker.)
    - $400,000 would go towards buying my parents and I both our dream houses (we would live in separate houses, of course, so as to not drive each other insane). I know and appreciate how hard they have worked over the years to provide for my sister and I, and it would be the least I could do. (The reason I do not include said sister in these plans is that she, being the Business major and ruthless capitalist she is, will probably have enough money to buy her own dream house. Or two.)

  • What was your ideal job as a kid? Has that changed? What is your ideal job now?

    When I was about five years old, while my classmates wanted to be Ninja Turtles or the Little Mermaid, my dream was to become a marine biologist. It was the money (or lack thereof) that caused me to choose a different career option later on. I have loved the sea from an early age, and still want to do everything I can to preserve it. After all, it makes up nearly three-fourths of this planet and is essential to our survival.
    These days, my ideal job would be as a freelance writer with funds to travel the world in pursuit of a good story. I would write for whomever I wanted (sometimes just me), about whatever I wanted, whenever and wherever I wanted.

  • If you were able to invent one spell, potion, or charm, what would it do, what would you use it for or how would you use it, and what would you call it?

    I would create the Bias-Filtering Charm (the spell I actually made up for a Charms Club contest a while back, and I am not ashamed of my continued fondness for the idea). As its’ name suggests, it would get rid of bias and favoritism from any statement, cutting directly to the truth. I have a feeling this spell would be especially useful at press conferences, Senate hearings, and the like. The incantation would still be “Incidere Bovis,” very loosely translated from Latin as “cut the bull.”

  • If you were to face a boggart, what would it turn into? And what does it turn into when you throw the counter-spell, Riddikulus?

    My boggart would be me standing in front of an audience of my family, friends, colleagues, potential employers, and so-called pillars of the community, with all of my flaws and imperfections laid bare for everyone to see and ridicule. And ridicule them they would. My family and friends would reject me, my employers would fire me, and I would never be able to get a job or respect anywhere again. Everything would also be recorded for posterity, lest anyone forget.
    When I would throw the counter-spell, everyone in the audience would be wearing one of those cheesy gorilla suits, preferably pink, like this one. Those gorilla suits always make me laugh, and it would be my turn to ridicule the ridiculers.

  • What do you look for in a friend?

    I look for someone I can trust. As a person with chronic trust issues, this trait is one that I value highly. I don’t expect blind loyalty (in fact, I think I would be highly disturbed by it), but I want to be able to depend on that person to be there for me. Ideally they would never betray me, but if they did, the least they could do would be to let me know why.
    Speaking of which, honesty is another trait that ranks up there with trust in what, to me, makes a good friend. If a friend has an issue (or multiple issues) with me, I want to know what they are. That way I’ll know if there’s something about me that needs evaluating and fixing, and be able to take care of it if need be. If a friendship ends because of said issue (or issues), I want to know about them so that, at the very least, I can feel a sense of closure.
    A sense of humor is absolutely essential in a friend. I want someone who will not only call me on my flaws, but do it in a way that makes me laugh. In turn, I want to be able to do that to them without either of us worrying about hurt feelings.
    Intelligent conversations are also a must. Though I love having friends who let me act stupid around them and not make me feel guilty about it, there will be deep, meaning-of-life type conversations every now and again.

  • What trait most annoys you about other people?

    I think that what most annoys me is when people close their minds to the possibility that someone other than themselves might just have a point. This is especially annoying when they refuse to even hear, let alone acknowledge, a point of view other than their own. This is especially obnoxious when they have a seemingly perpetual case of verbal diarrhea. The least they can do is to use their minds before they actually try and speak them.

  • What do you think are your top five abilities or qualities?

    1. I keep an open mind. That way there is always plenty of room for personal growth--be it mental, emotional or spiritual.
    2. I am insatiably curious. I will read any book or magazine that I can get my hands on, and it is no accident that my favorite TV channels are of the Discovery, History, and National Geographic varieties. This incessant quest for knowledge has served me well in both my academic and professional endeavors, where I will work harder than most to get to the bottom of some particular mystery.
    3. I consider myself very compassionate. I try to do whatever I can (though I do not always succeed), to help someone who needs it. If there is nothing I can do, I have a hard time accepting that.
    4. Once I pick my battles, I will do whatever I can to ensure victory. Though picking these battles can be difficult, when I know what I want I will do anything and work as hard as I need in order to achieve it.
    5. As the song says, I get knocked down, but I get up again. I pride myself in my ability to bounce back after hardships. It may take me a while at times, but I always manage.

  • What do you think are your top five weaknesses or worst qualities?

    1. I am incredibly self-conscious. I put far too much emphasis on what other people think of me. I am not nearly as focused on other people’s opinions as I was when I was a child, but there is always that little voice in my head that says, “people will think you’re [insert criticism here].”
    2. I put the “pro” in “procrastinate.” I think the reason I tend to put things off until the last minute is that I’m so afraid of doing a bad job of it that it never gets done. I’m rather self-sabotaging that way.
    3. I am insatiably curious. I chose to list it as a weak point as well as a strong point (though slightly further down on the list), because this particular trait has been both a blessing and a curse. My curiosity borders on masochism, in that, for example, whenever I am told, “You don’t want to know,” I always, always, want to know, no matter how mind-blowingly awful that particular truth may be. I also have the tendency to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong, and to be tempted to meddle in things that quite frankly are not my business. (I’m aware that they are not my business, and do my best to act on that awareness, but the temptation is always there.)
    4. I am a seasoned cynic, having been perfecting the art since about age eleven. I tend to use my ability to expect the worst of people and situations as a defense mechanism. My philosophy that “if you expect the worst you will never be let down,” is, I admit, an unhealthy one, hence why it is on my list of worst qualities rather than best.
    5. One dictionary definition of the word “glutton” is “a person with a remarkably great desire or capacity for something.” In that sense, I am incredibly gluttonous. Admittedly, I have an insatiable appetite for food and will eat anything that sits still long enough, but if I take a liking to something, anything, I will become fixated on it to an unhealthy degree.

  • Define in your own words the following key traits:

    • Courage: Staying loyal in the face of adversity. Using intelligence to pick your battles wisely. Letting ambition spur you on to great and daring acts of bravery.
    • Loyalty: Standing up for what you believe in, even with the odds stacked against you. Knowing when someone needs you to have faith in and trust them. Knowing when to choose between power and staying true to yourself, and making the right choice.
    • Intelligence: Knowing the difference between courage and recklessness. Knowing the difference between loyalty and slavish devotion. Knowing the difference between ambition and ruthlessness.
    • Ambition: Being intelligent and calculating in the relentless pursuit of glory. Being loyal to the right people at the right times. Being brave enough not to let your resolve to be the best crumble under even the most dire of circumstances.

  • Name: Rachel, aka Cinna. I respond to either.
  • Age: 23
  • Where did you find out about us? I first found out about the community through jellybellys, and participated in it for a bit last year until after I graduated college and went looking for a job. I went on hiatus for a while, and now that I have time I'd like to give it another go.

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