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application even more edited! cmon guys! i'm seriously not pushing tho. x

What sort of profession in the wizarding world would you choose and why?


An auror or something which is slightly ministry orientated but allows me to travel and experience aspects of the wizarding world that I have not discovered before. An auror allows me to expand my wizarding knowledge and attempt to do some good in the world. Although the work will be exhausting it will be challenging and keep me focused. i only say an auror because i feel it offers some power and clout within the ministry, also look at Rufus Scrimgeour who has become minister for magic, it seems to open up a lot of venues. a desk job doesn't really seem to appeal to me, teaching requires too much patience as does healing, obliviating or curse breaking could be possibilities, but i am definitely drawn toward the honour in being an auror.


If you could teach one class at Hogwarts, what would it be and why?


I would teach either transfiguration or defence against the dark arts. Both are stimulating subjects which would allow me to inspire my students, whilst being able to recognize potential in future witches and wizards. Defence would allow me to do some good, in showing my students what factors they may face in the world and how to protect themselves agains them. Whilst transfiguration would be invigorating and show skill in that aspect of magic. personally also the subjects would be interesting, i must say it would be rather drab teaching a subject in which your students had no interest, and i had to mark an array of half hearted miserable scrolls of essays. atleast with defence and transfiguration there is a scope for individuality and some innovative thinking.


This year, The TriWizard Tournament is being held once again and you're of age. Do you put your name in the Goblet? Why or why not?


Definitely. It allows glory, money and fame in am manner, well as much as you can get at school. If I knew I was capable, then I definitely would. It would be a good opportunity to represent my school, and achieve personal credit, and have something above my classmates, if I got chosen ofcourse. i definitely wouldn't turn my nose up at the money either! but i do feel that it would be a great experience, even if it is dangerous. i am an extremely competitive person so it would be very hard for me not to enter, especially if close friends or enemies ared doing. i think the treiwizard tournament is a manner by which one can prove themselves not only to their classmates, but their fellow wizards and themselves. it is also a great manner in which to network for the future. make friendships and contacts etc, afterall the people you participate with are usually the best wizards of their generation, why not count yourself amongst them?


If you could choose your animagus form, what would it be and why?


A dog. I would feel that it is a non obvious form of animagus which can roam about streets and such without being overtly susceptible to attention. Dogs are also more accepted by humans in society, therefore if ever I needed to hide or disguise my identity a dog form would be of much more use and convenience than say that of a snake or bear. a cat would be a good idea also, like when mcgonagall is sat outside the dursleys, but  i abhorr cats, so i'm having to go with dogs who are atleast loyal and faithful.


What HP character do you identify with most and why?


Hermione. Personally I am almost Hermione. I’m a know it all, and bossy, and slightly snobbish, but Hermione is also loyal, and friendly and cares about what happens to her friends, which are also characteristics I like to think I demonstrate. Hermione gives much thought to her studies and future also, which are also aspects that are similar to me. I also have quite a bit of Sirius in me (odd combination!) I’m loyal, and vengeful and and a bit of a joker. i'm probabl;y a little less studious and a little more forceful than hermione also, in that manner i could even have a bit of Harry when he's completely pissed of in order of the phoenix in me. but basically 80% Hermione, the know it all, bossy but loyal thing. i guess!


What would you see if you looked into the Mirror of Erised?


I’d probably see myself passing all my OWL’s and NEWT’s with outstandings and becoming head girl, and achieving a high position within the ministry of magic, such as head of Aurors. completing the goals i've set for myself is probably the most important thing to me, and achieving outstandings at OWL and NEWT levels along with being head girl, would give me a good push into the future i hope for myself. i'm ambitious and my ambitions are my hearts greatest desire.


If you won a million dollars, how would you spend it?


Invest some of it in an economy I knew would flourish. Buy things for myself and other my friends. Give some to charity, save some, buy a car, buy a house etc. I'd probably invest about 50,000 buy a house for around 800,000 car for around a 100,000 spend the last 50,000 on holidays, charity shopping the smaller things, save if i have any left on top of that.


What was your ideal job as a kid? Has that changed? What is your ideal job now?


I always wanted to be either a doctor or a lawyer as a child. I knew that meeting someone and saying you were a doctor or a barrister earned you the respect you would not get by saying you were a millionaire actor. Those careers required intellect and hard work, and only the best students could be the best lawyers or doctors. I now want to be a barrister, because it offers me more opportunities and money than medicine. to me its kind of about the status symbol adn the wealth. i'm not going to be making millions but i do want to be able to save a million over my lifetime. saying i have a doctrate or phd, or that i'm a QC or member of the Bar also plays a major role in the reason these careers appealed to me.


If you were able to invent one spell, potion, or charm, what would it do, what would you use it for or how would you use it, and what would you call it?


My spell would allow a person to change into a resemblance of another, for around twenty minutes without the aid of the polyjuice potion, it would be called Metamorphose and use the incantation Metamorphis after the time, the individual will automatically return to their natural form. It does not change their physical composition but merely throws a veil or disguise upon them. it would be interesting to find out what people think of you, and who truly is your friend and who is not. also when infilitrating deatheater groups or such, it may be better if we could learn uninfluenced intelligence on the suspect from their own mouth.


If you were to face a boggart, what would it turn into? And what does it turn into when you throw the counter-spell, Riddikulus?


my boggart would probably turn into thousands of insects and reptiles, there would be scorpions and wasps, and spiders and millipedes, snakes, lizards the works. they would all explode into fireworks, errupting all over the room, with sparks emitted.


What do you look for in a friend?


Loyalty, intellect, humour, sharp and witty. Slightly bitchy also. Not too good. i need to be able to trust my friends, i have to be able to have decent conversations with them. i simple cannot be around people who have no idea about politics or econome or entertainment or literature. if someone can't take a joke theyre out, i especially have a sarcastic and ironic sense of humour along with a sharp tongue,so its not really going to worl if they burst in to tears the moment i make a comment. i like bitching about people, i'll say it to their face, but sometimes when someone's doing your head in you need a friend to moan to. so my friend can't be over nice, i also like people who are into socialising, if you're at a party they should mingle and have a good time, if not what the hells the point? so in short my friends have to be out going, not clingy, confident, intelligent and have a sense of humour, optimism is a quality i admire also and loyalty is a must.


What trait most annoys you about other people?


Clinginess. What is the need to go about attatched at the hip, I dislike hypocrites and people who fail to see the truth in someone else’s character. its just so of puting, when people only want you to talk to them, and turn their nose up at other friends you make. on the otherhand i also detest the quality in people which disillusions them to not see when they're being used by a friend and manipulated, its pathetic. no one needs a friend that much, there are always people who will hang out with you and talk to you.


What do you think are your top five abilities or qualities?


Leadership, i'm a born leader some might say, i don't get fazed in the face of a problem or task and i enjoy taking charge and delegating. i also get satisfaction in motivating those around me and offering them merits based on their accomplishments.
 intellect, i'm smart, and secure in that knowledge. i like learning about things and acquiring information on all aspects of life. i feel this gives me an advantage, as i'm never at a disadvantage when certain topics are being discussed. i thrive on knowing more on a topic than the person arguing opposit me.
 wit, i'm rather proud of my one liners, though other people may not feel so. to me its make a joke, or be made the joke. i'd rather get people laughing and supporting me in the middle of an arguement by using an ironic or witty remark, than be subject to losing support.
 being focused and concentrating, when i set my mind on something, i usually will not rest until i get it. i panic strss out and all, but to me the means is irrelevant its the end that matters. i also have the ability to take in a hell of a lot in short notice, which allows me to be laid back the whole year round and cram before finals, its rather a good ability actually. studying all the time is not my style, but when i study i do it well. thats not to say i'm lazy throughout the year, i prefer to spend my time learning about new things, such as politics and expanding my literatic knowledge.
 putting people at ease although I speak my mind, people always know where they are with me, and usually we get along. i make friends easily, i guess its because i'm confident enough to go up to people and introduce myself without hesitation. i feel proud of having a lot of friends and being liked and admired by people, however vain that may appear.


What do you think are your top five weaknesses or worst qualities?


Bossiness – I always take lead of the situation and sometimes that means not giving credence to everyones wishes. also i may have a manipulating tendency in me which doesn't agree with everyone. and i always expect people to work up to my standard, and for them passing is alright where as for me only acing the project is acceptable.

 Insensitivity- I lack the thought needed before speaking out, i don't really care about what people think of me. so i say stuff, but it has to be by my own moral giudelines, if i go against what i think is right then i wont hesitate to apologize. i don't believe in double standards.
lack of empathy,. i seriously do not understand peoples situations and stuff. if i come across someone crying in a corridor because they've had an arguement with their boy friend in 3rd year, i have no sympathy what so ever. i'll just have a go at them, in the middle of wails of "but we were in love!"  how the hell can you be in love at 14? and don't give me the juliet crap, her and romeo was jsut infatuation plus teenage rebellion. see what i mean lack of empathy?
 A narcisstic quality, i am selfish, and i'll accept that. it is about me, afterall my life is about me. right? i don't have double standards, you can focus on yourself slao,no problems with that.
judging people too quickly.


Define in your own words the following key traits:


Courage:the ability to stand up for what you believe is right, and go against what is wrong. To feel fear in doing something and then do it anyway. to overcome all natural impulses and obstacles stopping you from achieving that feared task.


Loyalty  to stand by those who trust you, to make sure their trust is not misplaced. to remain true to whatever requires your faith whether it be a person you're loyal too, or and idea or scheme. following through your comittment to the end.


Intelligence an interest in everything, an aim to succeed and be wise, and know as much about a topic as it is possible to know. Intelligence is not knowledge, it is the thirst and wish for knowledge.


AmbitionThe need to succeed. To be the best to achive all there is to achieve. To be the best that you can be and go beyond that and perfect everything you lay your claim to. Where the one thing you strive to achieve matters more than anything else.


Name Aadhithya

Age 16

Where did you find out about us? A friend

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  • oh my

    What HP character do you identify with most and why? Like many others, I tend to relate and identify most with Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley,…

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