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  • What sort of profession in the wizarding world would you choose and why?
    I would love to be a professor at Hogwarts. I feel that whatever subject I would teach, I wold be able to help all students succeed even if they struggle with the material. I currently work at a college (in a residence hall) and I really enjoy seeing students come in bright eyed and eager to learn, and the seeing them grow throughout the year. I also really enjoy teaching...for me it is rewarding to see people have that "ah-hah" moment where they understand something that they didn't before.

  • If you could teach one class at Hogwarts, what would it be and why?
    If I could teach one class at Hogwarts, it would be transfiguration. This is something that is interesting to me and is very hands on, practical, and interactive. I feel that I would be able to help all students learn to perform the transfigurations, even those who may struggle with the subject.

  • This year, The TriWizard Tournament is being held once again and you're of age. Do you put your name in the Goblet? Why or why not?
    I would not enter, but I would be someone who would be a supporter to the champions. I cannot see myself entering a tournament where people had died, even if winning would bring glory to me and my family.

  • If you could choose your animagus form, what would it be and why?
    I would choose a bird. Probably a robin. I would choose this because they are gentle beings that bring smiles to people's faces.

  • If you could be written into any HP Series book as a new character, which book would it be, and who would your character be? Why did you choose that book/character?
    I am struggling with the question. I am really someone who tries to sit in the background and to not have the spot light on me. If I were to be written into one of the HP books, it would probably be GoF as a nameless classmate who would just be there to support and to assist where needed.

  • What is your favorite magical spell/charm? Why?
    Alohomora...because I tend to lose my keys or to lock them in :) So that is a very, very helpful charm!

  • Name three reasons why you would like to be sorted into each House.
    *Griffindor: I feel that Griffindor is somewhere where people who are brave and courageous and who are able to think on their feet are placed. I can at times to do all three of those. There are many times where I need to be brave and courageous and think of my feet in my job (i.e. when I am confronting a student or am responding to a crisis alarms, suicide attempts, alcohol poisoning, etc.)
    *Hufflepuff: Hufflepuffs are kind and caring and want to help others. I feel that this is me. In my profession, I often help students through their problems, whether that be academic, social, emotional, roommate, etc., i have to care deeply about what I do, and I really need to have the desire to help others. I also am kind and approachable and make others feel comfortable around me.
    *Ravenclaw: Ravenclaws are clever and intelligent, they are quick on their feet. I am often found reading or working to better myself in some way shape or form.
    *Slytherin: Slytherins are ambitious. I know where I want to go and what I need to do to get there, and I do not let others get in my way.

  • You've received your O.W.L results. What are your results? (You have to have failed or done poorly in at least one subject)
    I would for sure have done poorly in History of Magic, because I absolutely cannot remember dates and timelines for the life of me! I am better at the stories and the general gist of things.

    I would have done pretty well in transfiguration, charms, and potions because they are very technical in nature, hands on, and very practical.

  • If you could have any superpower - but only ONE - what would it be?
    I would really like to be able to fly. I live in a different state from my mom right now and a lot of my really close friends, so it would be nice to be able to go see them on a whim. I also love looking at the landscape from up high! It's so cool :)

  • What HP character do you identify with most and why?
    I identify with Hermione because I tend to be the one always with my nose in a book but also the one who lends a voice of reason to the madness of my friends. My nickname was the "moral compass"!

  • What would you see if you looked into the Mirror of Erised?
    Right now, if I looked into the Mirror of Erised, I would see my father who died almost 5 months ago. My father was a wonderful man and I had just started a job in another state when he died. The people where I work were great and let me leave and take as much time as I needed, even though I had only worked here for a week. But, in general, the one thing that I wish that I could do is see my father, tell him how much I love him, and have a chance to say goodbye.

  • If you won a million dollars, how would you spend it?
    If I won $1 million dollars, I would pay off my debts and then I would donate some of the money to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. I would then travel with friends and see the world. The BGCA was one of my father's favorite charities because he father died when he was young and that was where he found male role models. The Make-a-Wish Foundation is one of my favorite organizations because I had a student two years ago who had been granted a wish through the foundation, but her freshman year of college was killed in a car crash, this was something that stuck with me.

  • Which HP book is your favorite and why?
    I very much enjoyed "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" because I feel that in that book we really see the characters growing up and going through what other teenagers go through. It was a very relate-able book. I also like the fact that it is darker than the rest...that really appealed to me.

  • Which HP book is your least favorite and why?
    I did not enjoy the second book because, while I know that important background information is contained in the book, I did not enjoy the story of that book alone. I the scheme of the larger serious, it works, but as a stand alone volume, it did not flow for me.

  • What was your ideal job as a kid? Has that changed? What is your ideal job now?
    As I child, I wanted to be a doctor, but then I took Organic Chemistry, and found that that was not for me! I now work in a residence hall at a university and I love my job. My ideal job would eventually to be the director of residence life at a college or university.

  • If you were able to invent one spell, potion, or charm, what would it do, what would you use it for or how would you use it, and what would you call it?
    If I were to invents one spell, potion, or charm, I would invent one that would make students want to learn and to not be closed minded. I love my job, I work at a University and would really like it if students would be open to new ideas and to learning to solve their own problems.

  • If you were to face a boggart, what would it turn into? And what does it turn into when you throw the counter-spell, Riddikulus?
    A boggart would turn into a roller coaster, as I am absolutely terrified of them, and they make me pretty sick :( When I throw the counter-spell, it would become a flat train.

  • What do you look for in a friend?
    I look for someone who will listen, someone who is honest, loyal and fun. Most of my friends I have had forever. I have a group of friends who I met my first day of my first year of high school and while we all live very different lives and we are all very different, we all are still the best of friends... When I was home for my dad's funeral in July, my friends from high school, undergrad, and grad school all went out to dinner and it made me smile because they are all very different people who had never met before, but they all got along famously!

  • What is the one thing you would most like to accomplish?
    I would like to be the best in my field. I am someone who likes to commit to one thing and do it to the best of my ability.

  • What trait most annoys you about other people?
    It annoys me when people are always "look at me" "look at me" and do not allow others to have the spotlight at times. I really value those who quietly do their part in the background. Part of this comes from my own personality...I would rather work in the background and do really good work, instead of always looking for attention and doing mediocre work. I also do not respect people who are unwilling or unable to confront their own problems (this happens with my residents a lot...they tend to call mommy or daddy to fix their problems for them).

  • What do you think are your top five abilities or qualities?
    *willing to learn
    *hard working

  • What do you think are your top five weaknesses or worst qualities?
    *Overly cautious
    *would rather work in the background
    *do not think quick on my feet
    *shallow at times

  • Define in your own words the following key traits:

    • Courage: Courage is not not being afraid, but it is being able to look beyond the fear and to do things that in general you would not be able or willing to do. It is being able to do not what is easy but what is needed to be done.
    • Loyalty: Loyalty is standing by what you believe in and standing by close friends through thick and thin.
    • Intelligence: Intelligence is being willing to admit when you do not know something and then taking the initiative to find out.
    • Ambition: Ambition is knowing where you want to go and then having the courage to do what it takes to get there.

  • Name: Kimberly
  • Age: 25
  • What house do you think DOESN'T fit you? (This question is optional for those who feel they just DO NOT fit in a house. Please explain WHY.)
  • Where did you find out about us? From another LJ community

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