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If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? thing about the world. I have two, if thats alright.

1. End Poverty Over in Africa
why? because after watching the Live8 concerts for the whole time, it made an impact on me. All of the faces over there, and hearing how many people are dying just every 5 it makes me sick to my stoumach when i think about it. That would be the first thing i would do, end the poverty, right away.

and my second;
2. World Peace
alot of people want this, its an ideal wish. I wish that all wars would stop, that we could just get along in peace. maybe then it'd be alot easier to handle things within this world, maybe then we wouldnt be so mean...

What makes a person respectable? what makes a person respectable? for me, it's if their trustworthy, loyal, brave, everything a model citizen should be. Also, by the things they do for other people, not for themselves, that makes them respectable.

What do you look for in a friend?hm...a sense of humor, loyalness (meaning they wouldnt talk behind my back.) i would want them to always be there for me, and i would want them to be happy and outgoing. people who are sulkers and such are low in my book, i just cant stand them. they try and make you feel sorry for them, and...wait, im rambling. sorry about that!

What are your hobbies? in my free time, i love to write, draw, sing, act, and dance, but writing and drawing are my two main talents, the others are just for fun, becuase i cant sing or dance that well, and i have severe stage fright at times. Also, i like to listen to music, and i love to just sit around and watch TV, since usually im a lazy girl.

Have or would you give time and money to a charity? yes, i would, especially if it helped out with somthing that i wanted to do. Like for example, i havent given money to anything having to do with Hurricaine Katrina, not because im mean. But because im broke, and i know almost everyone in the USA is, and i dont really think 2 dollars would matter that much anyways. But if it was for Africa, or somthing like that, i would DEFINITELY donate. They need the money more then the other people do. (Not to be mean or self centered on that one, it's just the truth, though i have donated 5 dollars since i wrote this.)

What is the one thing you would most like to accomplish? I would love to become an actress, or I would want to go to Japan.

Actress, because it's somthing i've wanted to do ever since i was a little girl. Besides, all my friends say i'd be a great person up on stage, and many adults refer me to my school's drama club.

meanwhile, going to Japan is kinda the same thing. Ever since i saw Sailor Moon (my first anime, at age 7.) I've fallen in love with Japanese culture, so going to Japan would be a great experience for me, at least, i think so.

Who is your role model? i really dont have a role model, i dont like to look up to anyone in particular. but if i had to choose somebody, i would have to say Billie Joe Armstrong, the frontman of the band Green Day.

Billie Joe had a love of music, as i do. He dropped out of school so his band could go on tour. He belived in himself, his bandmates, and his dream, while other people just pushed him away, saying it was nothing. Now look at his band; their newest record, American Idiot, has gone Platinum. He put his life on one single thing that he loved doing, and it brought him success, fame, and fortune. He plays guitar, and is lead vocals, which is something i would want to do someday.

What trait most annoys you about other people? selfishness in the world. people are so greedy, and self concieded, and i hate it. we played a game in SS the other day, and we were seperated, like blacks and whites. and us whites (only 4 of us) got whatever we wanted, while the blacks, if they talked, got sent out in the hall. Everyone else with me were self conceided, acting all greedy, and i went and sat with the black people. i cant STAND people who are like that, it just annoys me like hell.

another trait that annoys me alot is how most people judge from the outside. People at my school look at me and lable me a 'goth/punk/troublemaker' type, right off the bat, because i got suspended for 10 days in 6th Grade and im always getting yelled at by teachers. On the inside, im a really nice person, i just have different values and beliefs. I tend to judge people like this though, so i kinda...annoy myself at times as well.

What do you want to do for a living?actress/writer. Writing is a passion of mine that i love (though lately i've had writers block.) and i would love to write books, mostly aimed toward young adults. I think in my head like a journal, and i would love to write a book in that view explaining high school and whats its REALLY like.

meanwhile, i love acting. i really do, and i wouldve been in drama club last year, except it conflicted with my other after school clubs. People say i have a knack for acting, and i think so as well. If i could become an actress, it would mean everything to me.

If your friend was attacked (by a person, animal, or (in the magic world) beast), what would you do? I'd run off and kill the thing that attacked my friend. Nothing gets inbetween my friends life and me, no way, especially if they did it on purpose. (and this was a short answer, because i didnt think of anything to add onto it, sorry! ^__^;;)

Would you ever use an Unforgivable Curse for any reason? only if i was in a life/death situation. I wouldnt use it for everday stuff or because someone angered me, thats just wrong. If anyone did it to me though, i might do it to take revenge, depends on who the person is, and the situation.

What do you think are your top five abilities or qualities?
Humor: People say im humorous, and i belive it. I can crack a joke easily, and everyone who's my friend usually laughs at it. If i dont get into what i want to do above, i think i'd just work at a bar, being a stand up comedian. people love my humor, and i love it tool

Loyalty: though im not sure about this one, most of the time im pretty loyal to my friends. Unless the friend did somthing to not deserve my trust, i'd be loyal to them, 100%. im usually loyal to almost everyone i meet, unless it's a rare occasion, and the person doesnt return the loyalty.

Hardworking: but again, im not so sure about this one as well. I work hard on stuff i WANT to do. if it's somthing really lame, or somthing i cant stand, i usually dont put 100% into it, like boring schoolwork, chores, etc.

Communication: I'm a great person to talk to, if you know me. People usually pour out their problems towards me, and i listen and try to help them out. My friends dont like to listen to me sometimes though, because i drabble on about how hot Billie Joe Armstrong is....anyways, my point being, people cant count on me to listen to their troubles and such, since im always there for them, and then i crack a joke or two to make them feel better.

Independent: some people see this as a weakness, but i dont. I LOVE to work alone, when it comes to most things, especially school, because i dont see eye-to-eye with some people. I have 'creative' ideas, as my mom tells me, and when i work in a group, i usually dont get to express that, because theirs a majority over me.

(especially today in school when everyone made fun of me and called me goth...but thats besides the point.)

What do you think are your top five weaknesses or worst qualities?

Lying: my least favorite. i tell perfect lies, to my parents, friends, family, etc. I just lie ,and i HATE it. I would do anything to change that, but somehow, i cant.

Lazyness: like i said above, i only like doing work if it's somthing i like to do. Otherwise, I'm just lazy, and i dont do the work. (most often, it's homework, and then i get in trouble.)

Shy: unless i know the person has the same interests as me, im shy. like on vacation, i didnt make any new friends, because im anti-social, and nobody wanted to talk to me.

Impatience: especially when it comes to icon-contests. it's just hard for me to be patient and wait for things, like in school. I always cant wait for the weekend, and other things. Most people i know are imapatient as well, so we all go together in our unpatient world! :D

Self-Control: when i know theirs somthing im not supposted to do that i do, i do it anyways. my friends say i have no form of Self-Control whatsoever, and i hate it, and i usually get grounded for doing these things.

Define in your own words the following key traits:
Courage: Courage. Being brave, sticking up for what you think it right, and being different from the crowd. Of course, if you have courage, it's alright to stand out, but if you have courage, it's a great thing.
Loyalty: Being there for your friends, no matter what, staying beside them.
Intelligence: Being Smart enough to admit mistakes, and being all of the traits shown here.
Ambition: To see somthing, wanting it, and needing to get it, so you will do anything to get it, and get rid of anything in your way to get to your goal.

Name: Ali
Age: 16
What house do you think DOESN'T fit you? (This question is optional for those who feel they just DO NOT fit in a house. Please explain WHY.) i dont mind, any house is good with me.

i deleted this part, because obviously, it caused controversy...sorry...x__x
and i'd like to say this too.

IM SORRY. Can it GET much clearer then that?

I almost ripped my head out seeing people No Vote me over this, or leave comments that HURT (really, they did, some of them.) i know theirs already been a post about this at the main community, and i read that.

im not trying to say what i did was right. im not trying to say what i did was wrong. But i wrote somthing, people disliked it, and then i deleted it, and people saw the comments, and automatically judged me on somthing i said, when really, i didnt mean to hurt anybody. I just said my opinion, and i didnt say anything that should judge where i should go because of this.

so again, im sorry. If you take the time to read this, and somewhere forgive me, i'd love that...i just feel so...sorry about all of this, i do. i kinda wish i had never written what i did, because now all it's done is cause a huge that im not proud of, at all.

Where did you find out about us? somebody posted their comission on potterpuff_fans with a link here, and i decided to check it out.

in advance, thank you for taking the time to read my application! ^__^

since posted here yesterday, i added onto a few of my questions as well, if thats acceptable.
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