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Hope I make it in ... :]

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? This was a very difficult question to answer. I was tied between free education for all and everyone being treated equally. It was a very close call, but I know everyone treated equally could only be achieved if everyone was nice to one another. But sadly, this cannot be accomplished. If I could change one thing about the world, it would be that everyone could get a wholesome education. I believe education is key. With information, you can do almost anything. If you could acquire decent education, then you should be able to get a job and such. It pains me when I see someone homeless, sitting there helpless. How are they to get any decent job without an eduction? They could start low and work their way up, buying an education as they went, but all of their time and money would go to that. Therefore, I think free education would be a completely good idea.

What makes a person respectable? A respectable person has self-respect for themselves, and they also should have a certain sense of wisdom about them. Honesty is a great virtue a respectable person should have as well. There are so many misleading people these days, that someone like is hard to come across. They stand there ground, and do not care what others think of them. To not lie to another, they do not lie to themselves. They accept who they are, along with all others. A respectful person sees others for what they are and accepts that. They know what they are and they know what they aren't. The way they treat others is a large sign of how respectable they are, I think. They do not pretend to be someone else, and do things not expecting something in return, besides the good feeling of helping another. When I think of a respectable person, Dumbledore comes to mind. He is wise, kind, and has a definitely air of wisdom about him.

What do you look for in a friend? When you find a true friend, their qualities do not always matter. They have their faults, and you can accept that. Although when I meet someone who has a friend-potential about them, I always look to seem if they are honest. As I said before, honesty as an admirable trait. If they are honest to me and themselves, I know I can trust them and confide them. So far, I have only found two true friends like this. I feel as though I can tell them anything. They must not be too distant, and my best friend and I have no secrets between us. I enjoy someone's company when we can talk about something we both relate to, so common interest is always big on my list. I look for someone who is not too stubborn, and we learn from each other. I recently found a friend where we went on for hours on the subject of God, evolution, death, physic-ness, and other deep matters. We both spoke our opinion and let each other know how we stood on the subject. It was nice to converse about something other than make-up, boys, and clothes. It was deep. I also look for a friend who knows how to have fun, but knows when to be serious. They must also but funny, and willing just to sit next to me in complete silence comfortably. Kindness is always a must, as well as sympathy and a good ear for listening.

What are your hobbies? My main hobby these days is reading. I read basically anything and everything. I enjoy reading the newspaper front-to-back, any of my parent's books, anything my friends recommend, the back of cereal boxes, anything! I have read all of the Harry Potter books at least 12 times, 33 at the most. Each time I look for something different. I do not rush, I prefer to take my time and let it soak in. I read in the morning, at the table, during the day, when I get restless, and always before bed. When I'm reading, it's like I'm in another world – my own world, where things are as I like it. I lose myself in books; it's a nice feeling, really. I'm enjoy writing about the books I've read, too. I analyze them and write essays on them, and try to get into the author's head to get an even better feel of the story. It's like a nice little break from my hectic life. I learned how to read before Kindergarten, and I always enjoyed it.

Another one of my passions is writing. Since I was five and learned how to read and write, I would always make books and such, doing the writing and illustrations. Many of my past teachers have said I would do great writing as my career. I don't stop until I'm fulfilled. I keep trying. I keep it fun, though. I never have trouble starting off, or making authentic characters. I start so many stories, and end up finishing all of them later on. Right now I am working on four stories, and it's wonderful. I love making characters, but bits and pieces of me into them. My heart was first crushed and still is, when in Kindergarten, I had made a spectacular thirty-page book, complete with color illustrations and all. I was so proud, I took it to show-and-tell. A few girls sitting next to me on the rug where chatting away about it, looking over and reading (or attempting to) through it. My teacher suddenly took it away and never returned it to me. For some strange reason, I was really attached to it. I always save my writings. I do not only write stories, I write poetry as well. It's not very good, I think, my mum and friends believe it is. I just write what I feel, which is mostly angst and whatnot, but they say it comes on strong. I've been known to write songs (or which were once poetry lines I created) and sing them aloud. I was singing one song I made when I was ten the other day, and my mum asked what song it was. I told her, “Mental Facility.” She asked who it was by, and I replied to her with, “Me!” She was shocked, but beamed. She had thought it was a real song!

A last thing I thoroughly enjoy doing and do it for hours straight is swimming. It's a release. Sometimes I come out of the water giggling, and people ask me why. It just ... amazes me. I feel so strong yet delicate as I glide through the water swiftly. Unfortunately, I wear glasses, so it is hard for me to see underwater, even with goggles. That is the only thing I do not like so much about swimming.

Have or would you give time and money to a charity? I do give to charity! Only a little bit, as I don't have a job seeing as I am thirteen, but I give what I can. When in stores, I drop money in the “Feed-a-Child” buckets, and participate in their fund raisers for the homeless. I have a problem with trusting people. I always seem to trust them at first! I had given ten dollars to a man saying he would donate it to abused mothers and children, but as I was in the neighborhood shopping, I saw him run into a nearby liquor store with the bucket of money, and return with a twelve-pack of beer. He threw out the bucket into a nearby trashcan. Since then, I've been more aware of my surroundings, and given the money straight to the charity. I feel good when I give, and I feel as though that is my reward. If I had more money, I would donate monthly and in large amounts. Until then, I will give what I have to spare.

What is the one thing you would most like to accomplish? At the time, I'd like to finish this application, which has made me somewhat inspired, which surprised me. But the thing I'd definitely and really like to accomplish is to make a child's book and have at least one published before the time I am twenty-five. I am hoping this will have an impact on children. I'd like to do something with my book like go down to a homeless shelter or something and pass out free copies to the children. With these books I hope to write, I hope to bring joy most of all, but inspiration. I know I have a lot of my life left ahead of me, so I am not worrying yet. I might change my career ideas, but even if I soon don't seek literature as my career and full-time job, I'd still like to get out that one child's book.

Who is your role model? My role models without a doubt is my mother and grandmother. Both have had horrible hardships to endure and overcome. My grandmother's father left her at a very young age, and her mother had she believed four husbands. My grandmother didn't even get to meet all of her brothers and sisters, as before she was sixteen, she had run away, having no where else to go, as her step-dad was beating her, and her mother didn't believe her. She had lived out in the street and didn't get a full education. She tried to, of course, but couldn't seek another way. And my mother, she never knew her real father. Her step-dad, (who I didn't know wasn't my real dad until two years ago,) would beat my grandmother, and did horrible things to my mother, including rape. He was an alcoholic, and had come from a bad family. Finally, when he had almost died in a car accident while drinking and driving, he changed his ways. He got help, as did my grandmother and mum. They all did this for each other. My mother is still somewhat corrupted by what he did to her, and she goes to counseling.

She had met my father when she was nineteen; he was ten years older than her. Before long, they had started dating. He would never treat her like a real girlfriend; he would use her when it was convenient for him or didn't have anything better to do than hang around with her. She was in love with him, but he said he wasn't in love with her. She had me when she was twenty, and my dad didn't want anything to do with us. Finally, after having been kicked out of her house when I was four, she went to him; they were on again-off again dating. He only let us in because we showed up with all our belongings on his doorstep, having no where else to go. After seven years of being mistreated, she sought new companionship. She found my now step-father and began dating him. My dad (supposedly) hadn't realized he'd loved her until after she had left him for my now step-dad. My mum and my step-dad fell in love, and she married him. My dad was furious, he thought my step-dad crazy and whatnot, and was stalking him and trying to trace his backgrounds. Somehow, he got some dirt on him to get a restraining order on him for us. (This was before my mum and step-dad were married.) After a year it expired, and my mum got a restraining order on my dad for her. He was constantly following her, seeing when she got home, and trying to monitor her phone. My father has still never gotten over it, (it has been almost four years now) but my mother has tried to continue on after he had hurt her so bad.

My mother and grandmother have shown strength like no other person I have even known. I respect them so much for carrying on after all they have been through. I am extremely close with them, and I know I can confide in them with anything.

What trait most annoys you about other people? People who are too self-conscious. Especially when they won't even do anything because they are worried of what others think! They stop having fun, and won't even leave the house before making sure they are the uttermost perfection they could possibly be! I wish people like that would just loosen up, and live life freely. Life is short; you might as well make the best of it. They try to be perfectionist, which isn't realistic.

What do you want to do for a living? I wouldn't mind being a writer. I can certainly sit down and write straight for six hours, I've done it before. I show great perseverance, and I know I will need it if I ever hope in perusing a job in literature. I'd want to write children's books, as I have always enjoyed doing so.

If your friend was attacked (by a person, animal, or (in the magic world) beast), what would you do? I would do everything to my ability to make sure they were okay and safe. Once they were out of harm's way and perhaps at the hospital if it was that bad, I would go after their attacker. I wouldn't want to hurt them, but just make sure they paid. If it was an animal, the pound would be best if they were truly dangerous. If it were a person, I would want an immediate apology.

Would you ever use an Unforgivable Curse for any reason? Hmm, I suppose not, unless it is an extreme or life-threatening situation. They are, of course, unforgivable. If it was the only thing I could do, I would do it, although you have to mean it; want to hurt someone. So, no. There are always other spells.

What do you think are your top five abilities or qualities?
01. I am a leader. My friends look to me for help, and I help them. I take charge and go with it. I do my own thing, and if people do the same, so be it. I don't mind, really. But I don't follow the pack. I do things at my own pace and in my own way. This just comes natural to me.

02. I am organized. My homework is always done on time due to my organizational skills, and nothing is ever forgotten. Everything has its own category, and when I want to find something, I know right where it is.

03. I stand up for those weaker or those in need. I have made quite a few friends that way. If I see someone being bullied, I jump right in (I don't tend to look before I leap). I stand up for them, and use my words rather than my fists. There are the typical school bullies – big, strong, and stupid. I tend to use my wit against them. It helps me become stronger and somewhat more caring.

04. I don't procrastinate. As soon as I get home from school, I jump right on my homework and begin to tackle it. I don't lose sight of what I want, and do it right away. It tends to help out a lot. I never leave my projects till the last moment, and end up getting a good grade on them. My peers and teachers seem to admire me for this quality. I guess you could say I am strict with myself.

05. I like to make others laugh! I do it on impulse. If I see someone sad, I usually brighten them up with a joke, or an attempt at a joke which is so sad it's funny. Sometimes I don't try, and it just comes out. Making people laugh makes me feel good. Their smile brings me joy. I've gotten out of trouble before this way, especially with my siblings and parents, who are very funny themselves.

What do you think are your top five weaknesses or worst qualities?
01. My greatest weakness is that if dared, I will do almost anything. This has landed me in trouble a few times, but I cannot refuse a dare for the life of me! I get embarrassed, but I laugh it off. I've done many stupid things by a dare, like running around my friends house naked, pole-dancing crazily, and jumping on people's roofs. I enjoy it, but at times, regret it.

02. I have a hot-head. I can get angry easily, and I have trouble keeping my mouth shut. I voice my opinion, which gets me in trouble quite a bit. If someone gets me angry, they know they have. Recently, though, I've been getting better and just standing down and trying to control my anger.

03. I sometimes speak way too fast, especially when I'm telling an exciting story. Half of the time no one can understand me and half to ask me to slow down. I half enjoy talking fast, but people have to remind me to slow down talking and in life.

04. Sometimes I tend to brag. I don't really mean to, but I can't help it. I like to slip in sometimes my accomplishments and I love hearing praise. Recently I've been doing better, but I like others to know my achievements.

05. I act on impulse. I'm rash sometimes, and don't think before I act. I don't think of the consequences beforehand, and in the aftermath, I realize what I should've done. I act on the spur of the moment. I take only a second to think things over when I'm excited or have adrenaline pumping. Luckily, I usually have a couple of my close friends with me to hold me back and make me think before I do anything.

Define in your own words the following key traits:

Courage: I believe courage is standing up for what you believe in, voicing your opinion no matter what. Being bold and not letting anything hold you back. Courage is one of the things I admire most; not just sitting there and let your life pass you by, speaking up and letting the world know what you want or are saying. When you can face the world with bravery and confidence, not caring what others think, that is one example of courage.

Loyalty: Loyalty is a somewhat invisible bond – if you are loyal to a friend, you are always at their side, comforting when they need it, standing up for them, and just being there when they need it. You're attached to that person when you're loyal. True loyalty cannot by wavered, no matter what. They will be there through thick and thin.

Intelligence: Being smart, using common-sense. To a certain extent, intelligence can be taught, but it also has something to do with what you know is right, a gut instinct. Real intelligence can be used in the real world, it doesn't necessarily mean you do well in tests or whatnot, but using your brain when you need it. There is the intelligence academically and otherwise; being able to learn and then apply the knowledge to the world.

Ambition: Ambition and perseverance go hand in hand, I believe. Ambition is trying your hardest to reach a goal, to continue on eagerly. Ambition is a strong drive or will, without it, you cannot succeed to the high lengths you had hoped for.

Name: Tori
Age: Thirteen
What house do you think DOESN'T fit you? (This question is optional for those who feel they just DO NOT fit in a house. Please explain WHY.) I believe I would do fine in any house. The decision is up to you!
Where did you find out about us? I was searching for a sorting community.

Thanks for your time! Hope my application was okay. :]

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  • (no subject)

    What HP character do you identify with most and why? This is an interesting one. Growing up, my mum always tried to push me towards Hermione…

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