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If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
I'd make people smarter. I mean, if people were smarter they wouldn't do unbelievably stupid things, dig? If people were smarter we'd probably have a working society as a whole. And besides, if people were smarter than they are now perhaps I'd be less antagonized by people as a whole.

Who is your favorite Hogwarts teacher?
Snape. Every other teacher, for the most part, just kind of seems there (I mean, sure Hagrid is cool and all but at this point I can’t even remember if he’s still a teacher anymore). But Snape is great. Terribly biased? Yeah, but aren't we all to some extent? Plus, y'know, he's played by Alan Rickman in the movies and Alan Rickman totally rules. Of course I would probably hate him if I were at Hogwarts and not in Slytherin, but that isn’t the case.

Who is your favorite character in Harry Potter?
Fred and George (okay, characters for me then). Fred and George are great (and Lee Jordan is great as well, it's just that Lee's not a big enough character to really count in my eyes) because they're wiseasses. They do the kind of things I would do in a sitch like that. Of course, I would probably use them for more vengeful measures (I don't think I would enlarge someone's tongue to insane sizes unless I didn't like them. Not exactly a wacky joke, there, but pretty brilliant). Sirius Black, Snape, and Vincent Crabbe (I honestly cannot explain this one. I think I just like his name. It’s a good name!) are also on my a-list.

Who is your least favorite character in Harry Potter?
Good question. All things considered, I'm not going to go the predictable route and say Umbridge. Instead, I've got to say I don't like Winky at all. Winky is like Dobby except with none of the good traits. Hey, look, a self-pitying house-elf who bawls and bawls and gets drunk and then maybe bawls. Yeah, pass.

What makes a person respectable?
I can't really answer that. I keep trying and find myself contradicting myself. I like people who are witty, and I like people who don't get on moral high-horses. Things like being really kind or brave or whatever never quite gelled with me as necessary personality traits. Are they good? Yes. But at the same time, bravery and stupidity can be synonymous, and I'd rather trust my life with someone who knows when to run away than someone who could be brave and get me killed. (Of course, if it's MY life on the line, then I can appreciate bravery, I guess, but I probably wouldn't do the same for them, so y'know.)

What is your take on religion?
I think there's a god. However, I'm also smart enough to know not to make a huge deal out of it. I mean, Christian, Buddhist, doesn't matter what your trip is, you don't really know until it's over, right? So it's cool to live your life however you like, but it's when people are insistent about others being like them and believing in what they believe that I get annoyed. So I guess the term for me is agnostic.

What do you think about house elves?
Hnnn. I say give them a choice. House elves shouldn't be born into that job. And if they want to serve people, that's cool, but they should be treated humanely (of course, punishment is viable if they're seriously not doing their job and all, but then again you could just fire them and get some that don't suck. If house elves are to be treated as employees instead of slaves, which makes sense, they have to know that doing a good job is essentially, right?).

What do you look for in a friend?
Sharp wit and intellect. A good friend should be someone I can carry a good conversation with and someone who can crack me up. Good taste is a plus, too. Not that it REALLY matters, but c'mon, I'm not going to respect the opinion of a Linkin Park fan on music, now am I? Well, okay, maybe, but they better be listening to some very good music other than that. Are trustworthy friends cool? Sure, but they aren’t all that huge on my wish list.

Would you rather have friends and family or money and success?
Ugh. I hate choosing like this. Friends and family. Money and success can (and will, heh) be attained with work. However, you're born into this world with family, and a good friend is much harder to find than a get-rich-quick scheme.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
*Shrugs.* Maybe my looks a little, or my temper. For the most part I’m pretty comfortable with who I am, I guess. So, yeah, give me five-star prettyboy looks and I’m set for life.

What do you feel is your best quality?
Well, I'm intelligent, but that takes a backseat to the fact that I think I have fairly good taste in things, plus an ever-growing knowledge of pop culture. I’m not a book smarts kind of guy, really. Plus I’m pretty funny if you’re into obscure references or semi-random madness (not the lame kind of “OMG COWS R FUNNY” madness, though).

What are your hobbies?
Oh, man. Let’s see. I read comic books, watch pro wrestling (and no, that doesn’t make me an unintelligent redneck troglodyte), sing in a bad band, act, draw bad art, and play more video games than I really should. Oh, and movies and TV. Lots of movies and TV.

Do you want to have children?
I suppose so. I don’t really know what to say here.

Have or would you give time and money to a charity?
Yes, money rather than time. I’m pretty lazy regarding that kind of stuff, but I do like to donate money to charity when I can.

If your friend was attacked (by a person, animal, or (in the magic world) beast), what would you do?
Depends on what the friend’s facing. If it’s some schmuck, hell yes I go in there and beat the snot out of him. If it’s something that’d kill me, though, I’d probably try and get help or run or something. Better the other guy than me.

What is the one thing you would most like to accomplish?
Immortality. It could happen!

Who is your role model?
I have a friend who knows a guy who works at a mental hospital as a KLINGON TRANSLATOR. He gets paid regardless of whether there is ever a patient who speaks only Klingon or not and so far there hasn’t been a one. From what I’ve heard he gets paid well, too. So he gets money for doing absolutely nothing. What a guy.

What trait most annoys you about other people?
People not knowing when to shut up. Stupidity and annoyingness are bad, but when paired with the ability to never have to stop talking ever it’s ungodly.

What do you want to do for a living?
I probably want to act. I mean, I’m not sure, but that’s what it’s looking like. My writing isn’t very good, my art isn’t very good, and I hate mathematical things and subsequently science. But I like acting and would like to make a living at it. I suppose I’ll probably have to be a clerk somewhere to pay the bills in addition to the acting, though.

Would you ever use an Unforgivable Curse for any reason?
Let’s see. Not the one that kills people unless it’s against some lunatic Joker-style murderer. The other two

What house do you think DOESN'T fit you? (This question is optional for those who feel they just DO NOT fit in a house. Please explain WHY.)
Probably not Hufflepuff. I’m not a very honest or trustworthy person to be honest (waiiiiiiit…). I mean, I’m a bit of a pathological liar at times (primarily when it can save my sorry butt) and I’m more self-serving than anything else. It’s odd that I can be honest about my dishonesty, though. Is this a loophole or macho posturing? I can’t tell.

What do you think are your top five abilities or qualities.
1. Wicked sense of humor.
2. Wicked pop culture knowledge.
3. I’m pretty resourceful when need be. I’m very good at loopholes.
4. I’m smart, it’s just that I’m not totally book smart.
5. Well, with the right motivation I can be incredibly determined to reach whatever goal I’ve set.

Where did you find out about us?
Miss Cleolinda Jones.
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  • Sorting Application

    What HP character do you identify with most and why? Severus Snape. Everyone sees him as one of the bad guys and admittedly, even if he was…

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