May 3rd, 2021



Welcome to Term L

Hello, everyone! I'm Trin, belladiavolo, and I am ABSOLUTELY EXCITED to be your Voting Mod again this term! I look forward to welcoming new (or returning) members to our community and giving them a positive experience on the platform. I am also looking into implementing a variety of different tactics to try and draw new members to our wonderful community as well as finding ways to engage our current members and make them feel loved.

With that said, I welcome any questions or suggestions you may have. Please don't hesitate to reach out through any of the methods listed below (If you message the mod account and do not hear back from me within 24 hours, please feel free to send a message to my personal e-mail):

EMAIL: The Mod Account // My Personal E-Mail
PRIVATE MESSAGE: votingmod // belladiavolo
SUGGESTIONS POST: contact here

Additionally, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you of the rules and resources we have here at platform_934. If it's been a while since you've looked them over, please do take a few moments here at the beginning of the term to refresh your knowledge. They answer many of the common questions associated with this community, and provide you with excellent tips and tricks to make your participation here much more straightforward and enjoyable:

PLATFORM 9 3/4 FAQ: located here
SORTING RULES: located here
TOP SORTER LEVELS: located here

For the sake of continuity, I intend to honor last term's deadlines as well, which means that voting will close at 9:00 PM MST on Sunday (3:00 AM UTC Monday).

I’d also like to make special note of the two new rules implemented, which are still in effect:

• All votes must be placed in the subject line of your comment. Failure to do so will result in receiving zero points for your vote.
• Elaborated votes are worth five points. In order to receive these points, you must also sign your vote with either a sigtag or a HIH-specific icon.

♥, Trin