January 21st, 2008

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W hat sort of profession in the wizarding world would you choose and why?

I would want to be a mediwitch and work in St.Mungo’s.

I like the idea of being able to use potions and charms for healing; I’m really intrigued how it all works. I’m intrigued to know if wizards suffer from the same illnesses as muggles, how does magic cure/treat them etc.

If I had been caught in the war I want the security of knowing I was capable to fight, to have the magical ability and defensive spell knowledge of an Auror, to be able to defend myself…or I suppose I would want to be able to fight, but I would want to be able to protect the people I love. It sounds morbid but I’d be the person running round with a belt or a pouch full of potions to heal injuries and have my wand ready for the same.


If you could teach one class at Hogwarts what would it be and why?

Ok, this one sounds odd but I would want to teach Muggle Studies.

I think I could make it hilariously fun for Hogwarts students to learn about Muggles – teach them what life is like for Muggles their age; about schools and TV and muggle sports.

The value of understanding both differences and similarities between the two worlds both the good and the bad would be important, and would aid a hopeful eradication of prejudice.


This year the Triwizard Tournament is being held once again and you’re of age. Do you put your name in the Goblet? Why or why not?

Yes I would, deffinately. I have always thought that in a normal Triwizard Tournament ( ie. One where someone wasn’t trying to kill Harry Potter!) it would be so much fun!

Yes I do think the prize money is a bonus but how much fun would it be to basically spend a whole year having one massive adventure – not every Hogwarts student gets to live the out-of-bounds life that the trio did, for most students adventures probably don’t really happen and I would just love that part of it, oh and the ball. Definitely would love the ball.


If you could choose your Animagus form what would it be and why?

If I could choose it – honestly I’d choose one of the big cat family, like a Tiger or a Lion.

Not very subtle or easy to blend in like Sirius or McGonagall, but then I’m not exactly a subtle person. The distance you could cover on four big powerful legs and the strength is a positive and I love the idea of being able to transform when faced with an enemy and roar very loudly at them. A big cat Animagus would be very useful when faced with a serious confrontation and nice to cuddle up to don’t you think?


What HP character do you most identify with and why?

This is a hard one for me, but I think it’s a mixture of Remus and Tonks.

I identify with Remus in his role as often being the calm voice that tries to pull everyone back down to reality and stop them from jumping to conclusions – the way he does with Harry in HBP. Also his cheeky joviality and his love for chocolate!

Tonks too because she isn’t subtle and she doesn’t compromise herself, and especially because the way she doesn’t care about Remus being a werewolf, she believes in the good in him and isn’t scared of the extra danger there is in loving him. In essence she doesn’t seem to think that just because people say a thing is bad that all of those things are bad.

Ie. That all  werewolves are bad. And I value that kind of attitude greatly.



What would you see in the Mirror of Erised?

Even harder.

I’d see a big loving family, friends…all together and all happy in a room full of love. With me there happy too, truly content and loved. Why? Because I long to have a family round me every day whether by blood or my self-made family of friends – so that even when I feel alone I know that they are in it with me.


If you won a million dollars how would you spend it?

Hmmm I think if I didn’t already own my home then I would buy one – a big one with old bricks and lots and lots of garden. Then with the rest I’d take all my friends on holiday somewhere and have one very big very amazing party so we could all enjoy it together.


What was your ideal job as a kid? Has that changed? What is it now?

When I was at school I really wanted to be a vet that was the big one for a while, then I wanted to be a scientist but realised I wasn’t very good at science.

It has changed since then quite dramatically I suppose, now I would love to work in politics – not in the sleazy spin of politics – in the actual representative politics sense, to be an MP and take care of a town, to improve education, health care etc.

Because, if we aren’t on this planet to care for each other then I’m at a loss.


If you were able to invent one spell or potion or charm what would it do, what would you use it for/how would you use it? And what would you call it?

Oh the choices!

I would like to have a cunning spell up my sleeve to use for complete secrecy in conversation, one that could block out all sound taking place in a room and make people not knock on your door. Secreccio!

Or….I’d like to develop something as an extension of Legillimency – which instead of just invading someone’s mind so there are images; a more controlled form so that both people involved could project a thought or conversation. I don’t think there would be an incantation as such it would be more an extra discipline of Legillimency and Occulemency.


If you were to face a Boggart, what would it turn into? what does it turn into when you use the counter-spell Riddikulus?

Hmm….. What it would turn into is something I can’t really explain properly due to the whole back-story of it.

It would be a man, who abused the position he had affecting the lives of a lot of people and essentially breaking down a very close family relationship. He dominated the lives of my family and a few of my friends for far too long due to his arrogance and idiocy.

The Boggart would turn into him, who I fear because of what he caused and the emotions that are dredged up by just mentioning his name.

I would turn him into a very inflated toad floating in mid-air. Who wouldn’t find that funny?



What do you look for in a friend?

I look for a sense of humour, or someone who gets mine I suppose.

Loyalty, I need to know my friends will be there no matter what.

Honesty is appreciated and if a friend believes in me then it’s worth the whole word and more.


What trait most annoys you about other people?

Ignorance and selfishness – when people cannot see past themselves for anything.

That they judge others by their own prejudices and are so concerned with themselves that they refuse to consider any other way things could be or of doing things.

Just taking the time to learn and understand why something is or someone is can make all the difference – even if at the end of it you still disagree, maybe you will at least respect the other option for what it is.


What do you think are your top five abilities or qualities?

I can start conversations with people easily and find it easy to make friends off of that, I just like talking to people and being genuinely interested in them.

I am competitive – which I know can be a negative thing as well but for me it stops me from giving up and makes me determined to be the best I can be.

I do drop everything for a friend – and it gets me in trouble at times too. I’ll just stop work or doing whatever I’m supposed to be to chat to an upset friend on the phone or go see them or do them a favour – they ask and I’m there.

I’m good at cheering people up, I think I have a good sense of humour which can always manage to make people laugh even when they don’t necessarily want to.

Even if I’m in THE worst mood ever or its awful situation I’ll suck it up and make the best of it ( while cursing inside my head) if its just to get myself through the day or to make sure everyone else keeps going too.


What do you think are your top five weaknesses or worst qualities?

I find it hard to ask for help – so I suppose pride, I want to be able to be great right away when often I’m not.

I can be far too emotional about stupid things that really don’t matter and consequently I over react.

I am evil in the morning before coffee and can be very harsh to anyone who crosses my path.

I am really messy, it starts off small and manageable but then it grows and I just think – oh well it’s already messy so why don’t I just let it be more messy.

I swear far too much because I have yet to find alternative words with the same amount of umph.


Define in your own words the following key traits:

. Courage

. Loyalty

. Intelligence

. Ambition


-          Courage -  I think courage is standing up for yourself and believing in yourself and your abilities. It’s being able to stand up to friends when they are in the wrong or to someone you look up to and most definitely to your parents. Courage can be believing that you are a great person and deserve good things, it can be standing up to someone who is your boss or a mentor or a parent and telling them no, they are in the wrong and you aren’t having it.

But courage is also putting yourself at risk to help someone else, if that’s on a small scale or larger eg. Firemen, jumping in to help someone who is drowning, helping someone who is hurt etc.


Loyalty – is essentially devotion, it could be devotion to a person, people or a cause or even a sports team. It’s knowing that whatever happens or however much time passes if that thing/person says it’s time, they need you then you’ll be there by their side for whatever you need to do and vice versa.


Intelligence -  I am firm believer that intelligence is not just dependent upon the marks you get in an exam or how much you can quote book, how many inane facts you know. There is study-smart intelligence which has its value; there is common sense and life intelligence and emotional intelligence.

I would much rather be emotionally intelligent and be able to read how someone is feeling and respond in the way they need, or know how to live and be able to function in the real world than be able to quote Thomas Hobbes.


Ambition - Ambition can be having a dream or several dreams and wanting to fulfil them and work hard for it. Like dreaming of having a secure life and a home and so working hard to provide for that. Dreaming of swimming with dolphins or climbing a mountain, or being successful at your job.

Then there is the down side of ambition where it blinds and blurs the edges preventing you from seeing the true effect or meaning or your actions – that’s when the saying about power and corruption becomes relevant.


Name: snake_posion

Gender: female

Age: 21

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