March 19th, 2005

  • tersha


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edit: My friend did not vote for me, because she things I could never be squeezed into those little questions, that no matter how much I would write about myself, she still knew more. Since she understood that voting should be about the text and not what you know she did not.

We talked about it and do not think going deeper into matters is of any use. You would still accuse me of pushing and from your answers we quickly realised that we do not fit in here. Because we are very much alike and having to play something else, in order to be accepted isn't anything we do. We went past that a long time ago.

Or would it help you when I told you that killing the owner of a pet (magical or normal) that attacked my friends is quite the logical thing to do, giving that you are radical and adore your friend beyond anything else, being raised knowing that every animal can be a weapon in the right hands, that the owner is any way the responsible and thus should be the one punished. That if the animal is screwed up so badly, that you can't ever re-educate it meaning it poses a danger to everyone else and thus putting it out is the only thing left to do and much nicer than keeping it locked up in a cage for the rest of it’s life. Or what did you mean by attacked? Some small bite? Then of course I save her and afterwards we sued his ass till we got a lot of money and the animal. Or do you think it’s fair that the dog, gets killed without even trying to see if it could be saved, when it chewed an infant girl to death because the owner was too lazy to train it or made it into a weapon for certain back-street fights?

And if I had wanted to push to get into the house I would have like to, I would have looked at all the other Hufflepuff candidates and wrote something very subtitle. You would never have noticed.