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If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
I would want the human population to be much smaller. I feel that there are way too many of us humans, and we are too crowded, and that there are too many of us for the Earth to support. When in Economics class, we watched videos about the over population in India, it made me so sad to see these huge families of 8 or 9 kids. Eventually, Earth's resources are going to run out, if our population keeps increasing as projected. And then what will we do?

What makes a person respectable?
Hmm. I don't know exactly how to answer this one. I generally respect people who are intelligent, knowledgeable, and clever. Also people who are powerful, and proud of themselves. Also ambitious, and willing to work for what they want, not just wait hoping it will come to them eventually. Those who respect and like themselves, rather than complaining about their failings. I tend to look down on those who are very stupid, extremely shy, slutty, hate themselves, or are lazy. So i guess i feel those are the main qualities: intelligence, power, pride, ambition, knowledge, self-respect.

What do you look for in a friend?
I have very few friends, but when I do meet new people, I look for those who are clever, proud, and share similar interests to me. I like people who can stand up for themselves, not who are the clingy kind, always trying to find someone to lead them. People who think for themselves. Also who share my values. I would what them to have the qualities I mentioned in the previous question, too. My friends also tend to be atypical, unique, and don't fit in with the general population. So cleverness, leadership, similar to myself, and of course the intelligence, power, pride, ambition, et cetera from the previous question.

What are your hobbies?
I love to read, delving deep into the fictitious world inside books. I also try to write stories, mostly fanfic, but so far, I have not been very successful. I'm not sure I'm cut out to be a writer. I also am absolutely dedicated to cross country/track at school. I practice about 6 miles every day, and it is one of the most important parts of my life. I also take fencing lessons weekly, my favorite weapon is the sabre. At school I'm involved in Key Club, Environmental club, Academic Team, National Jr Honor Society, Science Olympiad, and some others. I guess I could also count school as a hobby, since that plays an important role in my life. I don't especially like school, however I am a good student, and work very hard, since I want to go to MIT.

Have or would you give time and money to a charity?
In the Key Club at school, I do community service hours, so yes, I've given time to charity. I don't really have much money that I could give, and the money I do have is packed up in my bank account. I'm the kind of person that never spends money, just saves it all. I'm not sure if I would give time or money if I didn't do any of the community service clubs. Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn't.

What is the one thing you would most like to accomplish?
Well, I have two or three chief goals in life, but to choose one of those three? I think I would have to say my academic goal. I really want to do well in high school, get into MIT or maybe Duke, do well in college, and then become a scientist, or a researcher. Maybe even an astronaut. So, I guess you could say that I most want to succeed academically and have a successful life?

Who is your role model?
I don't really have a specific role model. Often, I see various traits in various people that I envy or strive to achieve, but there is no one person who I want to be like. I don't think I could ever choose a specific person. I just don't think I would be able to find a person who had all those traits important to me. Perhaps you could say my role model would be my older, hopefully successful self.

What trait most annoys you about other people?
Well, people who seem to think they know everything, when they actually know very little bother me a lot. I just feel that no one can know everything, and that we all actually know very little, no matter how much knowledge we try to accumulate, so those who think they are omniscient, but are actually ignorant drive me crazy.

What do you want to do for a living?
I want to be a scientist. I'm not sure exactly what kind, but either in biology or in physics. Perhaps a career as a researcher, maybe a marine biologist, since I scuba dive, or, well, I've always loved space, so I think I might enjoy being an astronaut. That would be a physics thing, I guess.

If your friend was attacked (by a person, animal, or (in the magic world) beast), what would you do?
I don’t think animals often attack people without due provocation, but I know people and magical beasts do. I think I would try to stop the person or animal as long as it would not involve sacrificing myself.

Would you ever use an Unforgivable Curse for any reason?
I think I would use the unforgivables if they were the only or the best way to defend myself. I mean, if a death eater was coming at me to kill me, I think I would prefer to use 'Avada Kedavra' on them, rather than to stun them and have them live to hurt more people. And if someone had used the Cruciatus curse on me, I don’t think I would feel any qualms against doing the same to them, if I got the chance.

What do you think are your top five abilities or qualities?
-Intelligence: I am one of the smartest in my grade, and I enjoy learning. I also hope that intelligence will carry me far in life, and help me achieve my many goals.
-Ambition: I have many goals that I hope to achieve, and I'm not afraid to strive for things. I will also dedicate myself wholly to my goals.
-Mental Strength: As a runner and a student, I am able to mentally keep pushing myself to win or achieve something, even as I get very tired or stressed out.
-Perseverance: I am willing to spend long hours, days, weeks or months in pursuit of a goal, even if it will take me ages to achieve it. In running, I can also hold out against exhaustion for many miles.
-Dedication: Few people run cross-country, because of the sheer challenge of the many miles of practice. I practice every day, however, even now while it is summer, and out of season. I dedicate myself totally to school and running.

What do you think are your top five weaknesses or worst qualities?
-Self-consciousness: I often am secretly afraid of how others view me, and worry that they judge me, though I try not to let this affect me.
-Fear of failure: I have so many goals, and so I often worry that I will fail one of these. Though I guess this is beneficial in a way, since it pushes me to work harder.
-Opiniated: I tend to have strong views and opinions, which sometimes annoys others who are not as outspoken. It sometimes makes me enemies, too.
-Don't like to take other's advice: Though I do listen to others counsel, I sometimes don't like the advice they give, and won't follow it. I'm somewhat headstrong, also.
-Rebelious: I don’t' like being bounded by rules, and like to make my own path, so I tend to sometimes break or stretch the rules so I can have my way.

Define in your own words the following key traits:

Courage: Having the strength of will to do something, though you may be deathly afraid of doing it.

Loyalty: A bond of friendship or trust with another person, in which each of you are willing to help the other achieve their goals.

Intelligence: Knowledge and intellectual strength. Being able to understand things. Learning and then remembering that which you have learned. Perhaps also using your knowledge well.

Ambition: The courage and strength of will to work towards your goals. To still try to reach your goals, despite any and all adversity.

Name:Alianne Erinae


What house do you think DOESN'T fit you? (This question is optional for those who feel they just DO NOT fit in a house. Please explain WHY.)I don't think I will answer this. Though I do think there is a house that doesn't fit me, I would like to leave all options open, to see what the voters think.

Where did you find out about us?I was looking at my friend's friend's profiles and I saw one of them belonged to the hogwartsishome, community and so I came to check it out.

Thank You!
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  • oh hey *waves*

    What HP character do you identify with most and why? Luna Lovegood. She’s very quirky and out of place but it doesn’t bother her. I…

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