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  1. What HP character do you identify with most and why? Luna Lovegood. She’s very quirky and out of place but it doesn’t bother her. I suppose I’ve got the two former down and admire Luna for the latter. I wish being a black sheep in life bothered me less. I feel that way even with my extended family. I’m very awkward. Maybe Neville would be a better choice… He’s a bad ass at the end though and I’m not sure I have that in me. Anyway, I adore Luna. My husband and I wanted to name our daughter Luna but got outvoted so we ended up naming her Lily Luna instead. Not deliberate. But she's 2 so there's no going back now! Full on committed to having my child share a name with Harry Potter's daughter.

  2. What one moment in the books was the most meaningful to you? It has been sooooo long since I read the books. I can’t say I have a single moment that’s sticking out. For the sake of answering, I did miss a few things in the movies. Peeves, Winky, a good portion of Goblet of Fire (Dobby! I'm still really bummed it was the longest book at the time and the shortest movie. Why????), SPEW.

  3. What would you see if you looked into the Mirror of Erised? My family. My mom, my stepdad, brother (and his girlfriend), my deceased grandparents, my husband and our daughter. And also lots of cats. LOTS of cats. Every cat I've ever loved plus maybe 100 more because lots of cats in the world need me to love on them. And some dogs too for good measure. Family is the most important thing to me but my love for animals is thisclose of a second. What I desire most would just be everyone being together and healthy and happy. My mom's deceased bestie would be there too. She was my godmother.

  4. If you were to become headmaster at Hogwarts, what is one thing you would change about the school or how it operates? I want the stairs to stay put. It baffles me that anyone was able to get to class with the stairs changing all the time. That’s a massive castle. If you’re suddenly plopped where you don’t want to go (or, if you go back, now stuck without a direct route there), you have to take time to find a new route there. I had a hard enough time getting to my classes on time in a building that didn’t move. It’s a silly change but it always bothered me.

  5. If you were able to invent one spell, potion, or charm, what would it do, what would you use it for or how would you use it, and what would you call it? Dreamlavia potion. You fall asleep within 5 minutes and have a full 8 hour, dreamless sleep and actually feel rested when you wake up. Man, that sounds fantastic….. On an interesting note, nearly all of my dreams involve being at school and I never seem to actually get to a class. I go back to my locker or up and down stairs a lot. Suddenly my last answer makes sense!!! Man, I just found out that my recurrent dreams could be some Harry Potter PTSD. Thanks, sorting survey. Anywhoozle, I have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep but then also waking up in the morning. And I never, ever have dreamless sleep. They aren't usually nightmares but they definitely aren't feel good dreams either. I tend to wake up feeling crappy about myself. For real, I wander the halls of that school a lot and feel very anxious while I do it. Or a mall. There's a lot of wandering there too but I never buy anything and a lot of the time wherever I was going is closed.

  6. You have to venture deep into the Forbidden Forest one night. Pick one Harry Potter character other than Hagrid and one object (muggle or magical), besides your wand, that you'd want with you. Firstly, I never want to have to do this because I am scared of absolutely everything. I'm getting anxiety just thinking about the hypothetical. DID YOU SEE THOSE SPIDERS? Whew. I would bring Hermione because no matter what we encounter, she’s probably read a book about it and will know how to handle the situation. For an object, I’ll bring the invisibility cloak. I’m not sure how much hiding is going to help if the bad thing (holy spiders) can sniff us out but I’m gonna try!

  7. What was your ideal job as a child? What is your ideal job now? Do you think it would be the same in the Wizarding World? I wanted to be Nancy Kerrigan. Not even a figure skater, Nancy Kerrigan specifically. I watched VHS tapes of skating specials over and over. I took lessons but quit that, just like pretty much every other extracurriculer I ever tried. My favorite job (in hindsight - I was very burned out by the time I left there) was working at a Petsmart PetsHotel. I got to do so many things from doggie daycamp to baths, prepping animal meals, playing with cats. Every day wasn't the same and that was really nice. Best, I worked in back and had very little human contact. Now I would like to get paid to pat cats. I feel like that could transfer to the Wizarding world. There must be plenty of furry creatures that want to be loved on. In either world, I’m unlikely to find such a job that would pay though. =P Oh!! Maybe I could be like Newt Scamander???? MAYBE HE NEEDS AN ASSISTANT.

  8. What kinds of decisions are the most difficult for you to make? Heh. I am very indecisive. Trivial decisions are difficult. Which movie should I watch tonight? Will it speak to my soul in my current mood? Which ____ should I buy? Which is the best, most cost effective choice? Basically I want to be able to see into the future and know that I’m making the right choice. I drive my husband insane. I’m not sure what I think the horrible consequence of choosing wrong will be.

  9. If you had the opportunity to live forever, under what conditions would you accept? And if you did choose to live forever, what would you do with eternity? Oh gosh, I don’t want that. I really struggle with life being pointless overall. If I HAD to, my family would also have to live forever. My mom is my bestie and I dread the inevitable day she leaves me. I can’t imagine my life without my husband. And if I lost my daughter, I’d probably go looney tunes. I would spend eternity caring for animals. I like animals far more than I like people. I would have plenty of time to build an awesome cat sanctuary. That part actually doesn’t sound so bad.

  10. What is one thing you would never want said about you? I guess that I’m a bad person. I’m a bad liar so I don’t do it. I don’t care what you look like, where you’re from, what religion you do or don’t follow. I recently had a friend cut me out of her life for what I truly believe was a misunderstanding and I spiraled for a bit that she thinks that I think a certain way and I don’t. I don’t understand why everyone can’t just live in harmony. I mean, I do. I get why life is crazy right now. I just don’t understand why we’re still HERE at this point, you know? I’m still bitter about the whole thing and babbling.

  11. Do you believe that moral actions should be judged by the intentions behind them, or by the consequences they create? Both, really. Both should be weighed. If I have to choose, I’ll say intentions. Good intentions can have accidental consequences and I don’t think people should have to be judged just by the outcome. There’s a lot of gray area so I would still like to say both though. Different situations need to be judged differently.....

  12. What do you look for in a friend? Typically they initiate conversation because I like to blend into the wall and I’m very socially awkward. Humor, honesty, kind hearted, accepting people…. Bonus points if they’re animal lovers. I'm trying to decide what my friends all have in common. I think the common link is mainly just that they're good people at their cores. I guess I value that above everything. Be a good human.

  13. What trait most annoys you about other people? I don’t like fake or holier-than-thou people. I moved from Massachusetts (the land of Massholes) to the south (the land of bless your heart!) and my gosh, I am not built for life here. I can’t stand ‘nice’ but only to your face. My husband is actually from Texas and I don't know how he isn't like the rest of his family. Like, at all. He isn't family oriented, he's not religious, not really Republican. Not sure where he came from. Anyway. I think my point there is that I don't just blanket hate everyone from the south. I definitely don't love everyone from New England either. I just prefer life to be more blunt and face value. And please do not try to make small talk with me at the check out. Or anywhere for that matter. So yea. I might be a Masshole. To elaborate on holier-than-thou, don't force your beliefs on me. I don't care if you believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster (as my atheist brother likes to claim he does). Just don't expect me to believe it too. There are too many religions for any one to be the "right" one and I can't stand people trying to push their beliefs on me. This goes back to my husband's very religious family. Nope, not bitter at all over here. I don't just mean the whole thing in the religious sense either. I don't like arrogance. You're not better than anyone else just because of ____ reason. Treat everyone with respect and don't be a snooty fake about it.

  14. What do you think are your top five abilities or qualities? In no particular order:
    1. Open-minded - I tend to be pretty good at seeing both sides of an argument. You do you and I'm good with that as long as you're a good person. Like I said before, people are people. I truly don't understand why any one country, race, religion, orientation of any sort would every be better than another. Well. I'm all for blanket hating Nazis, rapists, animal abusers, etc etc. This goes back to being a good human. That is literally all you have to do to be cool in my book.
    2. Caring - I'm a bleeding heart, possibly a marshmallow. I definitely do not watch the news. Animal abuse hits me hardest, for sure. Though since having a child, I can't handle anything having to do with kids either. Not to say I don't care about the rest of the world's problems. I speak for the animals because they can't speak for themselves. I feel like plenty of people care about other humans in pain. Do they care about animals too? Honestly, I think the human race is garbage and we should just give the planet back to the animals. I think this more and more this year. Hey from USA. This is so rambly. Sorry. Side note, I can't tell anything short and to the point. With any luck, I will get there eventually!
    3. Creativity - Some of my favorite memories are of designing and helping to build a parade float for my town's Halloween parade every year. Parade day itself is a bit more stressful for me because the Halloween parade is HUGE and literally everyone lines Main Street to watch it go by. I absolutely do not like to be the center of attention or "seen" I guess. I've ridden on the float as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, Jessie from Toy Story, the spotted elephant from the Island of Misfit Toys. I kind of prefer walking the parade route and giving out candy. I've done that as an Oompa Loompa, one of the 3 blind mice and a Hogwarts student (I'll keep my house a secret =P). The float was for my mom's work and she was in charge so we pretty much ran the show together. For about a month her office would be transformed into another land. Props, pieces of costume, all sorts of decorations. I loved every second of the insanity and miss it a lot. My mom stopped doing the parade once my younger brother was out of high school and she lost all of her free help.
    4. I can make friends with most any cat. This is absolutely one of my best qualities. If it wasn't obvious yet, I'm definitely a crazy cat lady. My ultimate dream in life is to have my own cat sanctuary.
    5.I like to think I’m a decent mother. It's hard not to be critical of myself and compare to other people. My mom assures me I'm nurturing. I'm awkward with kids in general, probably because I didn't really know any before having my own. I dunno. I'd fight a bear for my daughter. It's a strange feeling knowing that. Like, I would for sure punch a shark in the face. I mean, I would prefer it not come to that but if it DID.....

  15. What do you think are your top five weaknesses or worst qualities? Why is it so hard to only pick 5??? Alright.
    1. Lack of confidence - I am super self deprecating and struggled to answer the last question. I still wonder what my husband sees in me and we've been together nearly 10 years. I also really don't take praise well and I'd rather lose at games than win because SOMEONE has to lose so why not me?
    2. Social awkwardness - I desperately want to be someone I'm not and I don't know how to be that person. I don't know how to talk to people or initiate conversation. I don't understand how "normal" people work. I suppose it's a fake it till you make it sort of thing and I've already gone over how much I dislike fake people.....
    3. Anxiety/paranoia - Unclear if it's just me or the world we live in at this point but it has gotten a lot worse in recent years. Well, the paranoia anyway. I always think booms are gun shots. I think weird sounds at night are people breaking in. Anxiety has always been horrible though. I shake when I'm nervous so that's AWESOME and embarrassing. If I have to call and schedule an appointment or something like that, I have to psych myself up for it and then generally take a trip to the bathroom for the stomachache I gave myself stressing over it all. It's ridiculous. And yet, here I am. And yes, I take my medication.
    4. Procrastination - I will wait until the last moment to write a paper, schedule something, leave the house to go somewhere (I am often late). As far as papers, I work best under pressure. I never understood teachers needing to see multiple drafts of things. So yea, I was lucky if I'd done the research before the night before the paper was due.....
    5. Honesty - I have a compulsion to tell the truth whether it’s necessary or not. It’s like an itch I just have to scratch. For instance, told an old boyfriend I had a crush on another guy because I couldn’t handle keeping it to myself. Said crush is now my husband so I guess there’s that. I am sometimes able to skirt this one by omitting things or telling partial truths so I'm not going to be a total jerk if I hate your new hair cut or whatever. I just NEED to tell the truth or I feel crazy guilty until I've purged all of the truthiness all over the place.
    Oh bonus, I swear like a sailor. I am working on that one but it’s hard. My 2 year old recently started using the F word. So that’s cool. As long as she uses it correctly, right?

  16. Name: Kristin

  17. Age: 30 (okay, I don't often have to say that and it looks really weird sitting there.I swear I'm still 19 in my head)

  18. Where did you find out about us? inabsentialuci but over on dreamwidth. I don't post in my journal anymore but I'm still here!

  19. Do you plan on being active in the communities once you are sorted? yes

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    What HP character do you identify with most and why? When I was reading the books as a child, I identified the most with Harry, Lily and Ginny.…


    Hello, everyone! Unfortunately, there are currently zero applications in the queue. If any applications come in within the next 24 hours, I…


    Hello, everyone! Unfortunately, there are currently zero applications in the queue. If any applications come in within the next 24 hours, I…