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  1. What HP character do you identify with most and why?
    Like many others, I tend to relate and identify most with Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, and Draco& Narcissa Malfoy Here's a few reasons why:
    Hermione Granger: I actually wasn't fond of her until she started growing into herself, later into the books. She had a lot of character development, but in that regard, just her entire mindset of "gotta break the rules to get things done- just don't get caught" - or I guess it's more "I understand the rules and acknowledge them, but I doubt it can keep me from doing what I want to do", rather. Anyway. I identify with that mindset itself. Oh. Snarky, sassy; can't do one thing one way, no problem. Find another way to get around not doing it. Semantics.
    Ginny Weasley: Kind of less identifying, more admiration in a weird sense? Not that I don't admire the others, but Ginny in the later MOVIES is what I like to see. Sly remarks, quips to get a clear message through that will shut you up. To be fair, I didn't relate to her at all until relative recently.
    Draco Malfoy: Ooh boy. Talk about someone that thinks they are untouchable and revere their father. Character growth with this one really got to me. Not so much in the sense of being an absolute bastard in the beginning- no. More so the literal sense of getting into something that is a bit over your head. Knowing that traditions and heritage are a really strong point in your life, but stuck in the sense that you don't have a choice in the matter... Trying the best to please your family/parents, and thinking that no one else would understand what you're going through and having to carry a burden silently because of it. Thinking that a certain group of friends or family will have your back and aide you no matter the insignificance or lack thereof... I do admit that I don't relate to him as much anymore, but those were strong feelings that were attached to him.
    Narcissa Malfoy nee Black: I did not identify with her until watching both parts of 7 several times. Here is a woman that does not waver in her judgement, and if she does, she sure as hell won't let you see it unless it's advantageous. Doesn't have much regard to anyone except for the ones that she loves and cares about, and will go to high hell to get what she wants for her (immediate) family. Actually, I wouldn't actually put it past her in giving up on her husband after a certain point and just caring for her son, but eh. But yeah, in this case I think I would probably say I aspire to be more like her. Let bygones be bygones until something comes up in your domain. Then you strike while others are unassuming. Enter heart eyes here.

  2. What one moment in the books was the most meaningful to you?
    Not really a "moment", but basically once Harry's name got called out from the GoF to the dragons, that turning point of everyone in the school backing up and actually thinking that maybe he isn't special and just wants the attention.. Those scenes where most of Hogwarts, as a collective, turned on him.. It was a very powerful 'moment'. Not for just the setting of the book, but for the audience/reader as well. Say goodbye to all the rainbows and butterflies, and say hello to our dear friend doubt.

  3. What would you see if you looked into the Mirror of Erised?
    The world being able to go back to relative normal? (insert laughing face here) No ? Okay. I honestly don't know, at this moment, what I would see. Think me like Jack Sparrow with his compass. Twirling round one way, and then point another at a moment's whim.

  4. If you were to become headmaster at Hogwarts, what is one thing you would change about the school or how it operates?
    Erm. You know, my first thought was the Sorting Hat. Don't get me wrong. Healthy amounts of competitiveness is good for the soul. BUT, see, to what I just wrote, it does allow for being competitive... I wouldn't really know about Hogwarts itself, it seems too small for what I would actually want to change. That's more a world stage, not so much a minuscule arena like a school. Start with the young people, yes, but bigger set, my dears. What does Tom Hardy say in Inception? Dream bigger ~

  5. If you were able to invent one spell, potion, or charm, what would it do, what would you use it for or how would you use it, and what would you call it?
    I'm not sure I would want to invent something omnipotent like that. Or maybe I would. I'm not sure. Being omnipotent would be cool. But then I would have all the crazies try and tear me down, or law enforcement get up my tush, or even better yet some government agencies... Actually. That wouldn't be too bad if they wouldn't treat me like some crazy and lock me up. Hmmm.

  6. You have to venture deep into the Forbidden Forest one night. Pick one Harry Potter character other than Hagrid and one object (muggle or magical), besides your wand, that you'd want with you.
    I would like to say Albus Dumbledore, but I really wouldn't want to be part of a ploy that I am not aware of. One of the big things that I really didn't care for, oh his characterization. Can we choose dead people? Circe is cool. She transfigures everything to pigs. All the big, dark things that go bang in the dark into a pig? Then again, pigs are kinda vicious. Did you know they can basically eat a human whole, bone and all? Great for getting rid of evidence. (Too many crime/murder shows.) Perhaps Merlin? Possibly the greatest wizard of all time, *and* a teacher to boot? I would think I could learn a thing or two from him and be protected. Then again, we don't know much about him, do we. If I had to choose someone that we were able to relatively know about in depth, Sirius Black? Extremely strong wizard, with an insane protective/loyalty streak. I can be damn sure that he'd try his best to protect me and keep me in the loop.

  7. What was your ideal job as a child? What is your ideal job now? Do you think it would be the same in the Wizarding World?
    Umm. I think a lawyer. I still wouldn't mind being a lawyer. Probably instilled even more so due to Harvey Specter from SUITS. Dear goodness, woo me. Powerful, rich, grey moral compass, knows how to have fun... yeah. Lawyer. Less ideal now, only because ugh all those years and the exam ughhhhhhh. If they had an equivalent in the Wizarding World? Yes.

  8. What kinds of decisions are the most difficult for you to make?
    All the decisions? Just kidding. Anything to do with feelings. If you've not noticed in the above questions, I'm wishy washy. I can make a decision if it's empirical. Those are not difficult for me at all. Anything that has to do with previous experience, past tribulations.. I can come up with decisions pertaining to that in less than a heartbeat. Decisions that make me actually think on other things, like what I see in a mirror that would reflect my deepest desire? No. Sorry, that requires a lot of thought process, and again, sorry. I don't find that this is something that I would want to waste so much time on.

  9. If you had the opportunity to live forever, under what conditions would you accept? And if you did choose to live forever, what would you do with eternity?
    If I could live forever, can age how it would seem appropriate (choose my age whenever?), and end my own life to stop living... I would definitely consider the option of living forever. As to what I would do with eternity, keep a few things to sell in the market. You know. Some things become antiques. It would be nice to see how the world changes while I'm sitting back, come out here and there, maybe gain a seat of like a messiah (not religious, definiltely used in definition three or four as zealous leader) or something idek. To be revered and tell people what to do. Wouldn't that be the life.

  10. What is one thing you would never want said about you?
    That I was weak. In all of it's forms. Except maybe physical, because I am not physically strong at all. I am not: weak of mind, or to little voices whispering in my ear. No. I'd rather be the one working behind the scenes and whispering what the ones in the spotlight should do, thanks. But never weak, more... puppet... master... esque? Anyway.

  11. Do you believe that moral actions should be judged by the intentions behind them, or by the consequences they create?
    What's the really popular saying? "The road to hell is paved by good intentions" or something like that? Not that I believe it. It's a fun saying though and it does give one to say about the matter. Unfortunately, it holds more meaning when said then written. A lot of this miss out, like a lot of things that I had to write doesn't quite come out right because y'all that are reading it can't see how I'm saying things or the subtle notions that come with it. Like, in example, if I'm being sarcastic or joking or not. You know. I have to write it for the readers to understand. Anyway, results kind of work, but again. Speaking to a morally grey person here. It all depends on if it should be deemed worth enough to judge in the first place.

  12. What do you look for in a friend?
    I have few 'friends'. They are a emotional ground for me, actually, and are a really good sounding board. ie. Sometimes I can come out extremely harsh to people, and my friends tell me I should maybe re-word things. The acquaintances that I have in my life all kind of serve a purpose.

  13. What trait most annoys you about other people?
    When they have so much potential, but are so afraid of success. I guess, simply put, people that are just afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone?

  14. What do you think are your top five abilities or qualities?
    Rationality- I'm actually extremely good at compartmentalizing. I would have been such a great lawyer.
    Able to see the whole picture, not just specific traits
    Am bilingual, with two other languages that I know enough of
    Have a will to succeed
    Am able to get what I want
    ^^^ Can I mention, I would have been such an amazing lawyer. Honestly ;-;

  15. What do you think are your top five weaknesses or worst qualities?
    I am going to preface this with I don't see this as weaknesses or worst qualities. They are things that I need to work on.
    Pride is a big one. I'm not trying to bait, it's actually true. Especially to my heritage. I'm full South Korean, born and raised Southern California. You try and do something to demean me in those cases, prepare for my wrath. Not even anger. I will tear you down, starting with the weakest chink in your armour, whatever that may be.
    Apathy - which I'm still trying to work on. I'm not really... emotionally attached to anything. It takes a really long time and a large effort.
    Um. I take things with a grain of salt most of the times. Which is really contradicting because I'm actually a really serious person. Sorry if I have an amazing sense of humour. Less to do with humour though. More to do with get them to go away more quickly, why waste my time.
    I don't... really deem people good enough for me, sometimes. Like. Online personality >>>>>>>>> actual outside personality. Basically hope you don't meet me out in the real world.
    Er. I've been told I'm intimidating. By a lot of people. Mostly guys that can't handle me. Is that a thing? IDK I'm perfect, obviously. (sarcasm)

  16. Name:
  17. Age:
  18. Where did you find out about us?
    I was here ages and ages ago. Thought I should give it another go.
  19. Do you plan on being active in the communities once you are sorted?
    I will most definitely try, if I don't get distracted.

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