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Term XLI Lottery and Referrals

Lottery and Referrals

With hh_order on hiatus for Term XLI, platform_934 will be hosting the monthly lottery and referrals. If you aren't familiar with the process or would just like a refresher, please read ahead to learn what you can do to earn additional points for your house:

The Lottery

Choose any promotional graphic or text, or create your own community promotion to display in the userinformation section of your journal. For each week of the month, I will check the profile of a random member of each house. If that member is displaying a promotion for either hogwartsishome or platform_934, points will be assigned accordingly:

25 PTS for a graphic with a link
5 PTS for a graphic without a link
5 PTS for text with a link

If you would prefer not to promote our community in your userinformation, you may post a public entry in your journal instead. You may view a sample of pre-made text-based promotions here to copy, or for your inspiration. If you choose this option, your entry must be immediately found and visible by someone who is not on your friends' list.


Do you know of someone who might be interested in joining our community? If an applicant mentions your username in their application here at platform_934, you will receive points for your house. The breakdown is as follows:

5 PTS if the applicant mentions one person
4 PTS if the applicant mentions two people
3 PTS if the applicant mentions three people
2 PTS if the applicant mentions four people
1 PT if the applicant mentions five people

I will be posting points for both The Lottery and Referrals at the end of each month. Please let me know if you have any questions, and help us get some new faces at Hogwarts is Home!

- Andie
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