Voting Mod (votingmod) wrote in platform_934,
Voting Mod

Moderator Note: Gryffindor Voting - Screened Comment Thread

It was brought to my attention that the Gryffindor voting thread on roofshadow's application was screened in error, thereby disallowing comments from members of that house. I apologize for this, and wanted to let you all know that I've unscreened this thread to allow members of the Gryffindor house to continue to vote right here.

If you are a member of Gryffindor and believe that you have already voted on this week's applicant, please check the thread to ensure that your comment was received. Again, I'm very sorry for this and I'll keep a close eye to ensure this isn't a recurring issue with LiveJournal.

- Andie
Tags: !mod post, mod update
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