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What HP character do you identify with most and why? This was a really tricky question for me! But, I'm going to go with a main character. It's important to note that I am reluctant and slightly annoyed to select Hermione. Yet, in spite of a personal aversion to align myself with her personality wise, I think this comparison will get the job done. Hermione is the character I identify with most because of her many different "faces" (or mutability, if you will). At her core, Hermione is precisely what a Ravenclaw, a Hufflepuff, or even a Slytherin "stands for." But, somehow, it was her bravery that stood out most when she was sorted into Gryffindor. The reason she'd fit in Ravenclaw is fairly obvious, her striking intelligence. While it defines her to a degree, I think people often put aside just how powerful her love of learning is. What I found most "Ravenclaw" about Hermione was her desire to have unrestricted knowledge about
everything that surrounds her. Similarly, I am constantly consulting encyclopedias and online resources to better understand the world and people in it. Why someone like Hermione was sorted into Gryffindor with Luna and Cho going to Ravenclaw is precisely what makes the house system so interesting.

Beyond that, I believe Hermione would fit in well with Hufflepuff because of her hard work and patience. She always pushes herself to reach new levels of educational excellence, in addition she's a deeply loyal friend to Harry and Ron. Much like the compassionate portrait of a Hufflepuff would further suggest, she's someone who believes in the welfare of all living beings especially house elves. Lastly, I believe she could be a Slytherin because of her strong ambition and hunger to succeed. Hermione does not want to simply "get through" Hogwarts with average results or without leaving her mark. She wants to prove those who devalue Muggleborns wrong by being a loud and living example of excellence. I don't identify with all of Hermione's character traits. However, I do feel I have a strongly multidimensional personality like her. A personality I believe to be so complex it could ultimately land me in any house! I'll reveal my Pottermore house sort
ing after we finish up, in some ways I think I was judged strongly by a few personality aspects while others were disregarded too quickly...

What one moment in the books was the most meaningful to you? The words, "Kill the spare," will always cause me distress. Two of the most difficult death sequences for me to read and watch were that of Sirius and Cedric. I found Cedric to be the embodiment of a "golden boy." He was good looking, well liked, a fantastic student, and his death was so abrupt. It was particularly jarring as it was one of the earlier deaths of central figures. It took place before the masses truly believed Voldemort had returned and cost a young boy full of potential his promising life. It also really captured the cavalier attitude that Voldemort had towards life at this point. In spite of Cedric being the type of guy my mind would want, my heart was always strangely attached to Sirius. I was inspired by his mischievous and adventurous streaks, his idealism, his fierce loyalty, his charm and his individualism. Un spite of coming from a long line of wealthy pure blood wiza
rds he was full of love and understanding for those who were different to him. After clearing his name, Sirius' future seemed similarly promising to someone like Cedric. He had suffered so much and was still full of life. Yet again, this was another life cut short... It made me terribly sad to think of what may have become for this beloved bachelor. I will always wonder what would have become of his story.

What would you see if you looked into the Mirror of Erised? At this point I'm not so sure what I would see when I look in the Mirror of Erised. Maybe just emptiness? I don't have one thing in my life that I desire above all others yet. Perhaps I'd like it to show me what my true purpose or destiny is... or even show me if we even have one? At the surface level I crave a loving and fulfilling life, wealth, a wonderful husband and children, and success in a unique field like a creative or adventurous one. I want all of this equally and it seems to fit under the general aspiration of happiness as success. One thing I'd secretly love is fame. I often imagine achieving something so remarkable that everyone would know my name. I dream that this would make me feel fulfilled because part of me still worries about being unworthy and unsuccessful. I'd probably see myself with family in a beautiful location, surrounded by praise... I should note, I'd want
the notoriety for something meaningful and not fame for the sake of fame. I don't think that Hollywood/Internet celebrity appeals to, so it would be a unique type of status I suppose...

If you were to become headmaster at Hogwarts, what is one thing you would change about the school or how it operates? I would add some kind of internatonal magical diplomacy class, like a political aspect to the history of magic. I also think there should be at least one event per year that encourages (required) interhouse cooperation and friendships.

If you were able to invent one spell, potion, or charm, what would it do, what would you use it for or how would you use it, and what would you call it? I would create a potion called Somnium that allows you to enter dreams. It would function much like a Pensive in how that allows you to enter memories. But, unlike a Pensive, you'd be able to interact with everything around you in the dreamworld, including the people. I think this would make for some interesting (but wonderful) experiences! It would be in the context of a dream, so it wouldn't have any lasting physical impacts and you wouldn't be confined to the constraints of reality. If the person were to wake up then you would be cast out of the dream and returned to the world of the living, much like what happens when a memory ends and you "return" from the Pensive.

You have to venture deep into the Forbidden Forest one night. Pick one Harry Potter character other than Hagrid and one object (muggle or magical), besides your wand, that you'd want with you. At first, I thought I'd take the former CoMC teacher, Professor Kettleburn, who retired making way for Hagrid... But, he was said to be leaving to "spend time with his remaining limbs" and that doesn't sound promising. So, I'd take the subsitute teacher, Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank. I would want someone knowledgeable about the forest and its inhabitants. The magical object that I would carry with me would be Hermione's beaded bag (or any bag) with the undetectable extension charm. This way I could have modern conveniences to make the trip more comfortable (water, food, tent, bed, light etc). Why exactly are we in the forest haha?

What was your ideal job as a child? What is your ideal job now? Do you think it would be the same in the Wizarding World? As a child I waned to be a veterinarian or pediatrician. To this day, I still love children and animals as I volunteer\work with both on teaching farm when I am not conducting field research. I can't say that I'd want either of the jobs that appealed as a child because I prefer to be in the outdoors, with a flexible schedule and to travel to far off\exotic locations. I can't think of just one thing in the wizarding world that I'd like to do! This speaks to my strong ENFP Myers Brigg personality type (known for producing Journalists, Educators, Writers, Film Buffs, and Educators). I'd absolutely love to have a wizarding world job that allows me to explore unique locations filled with magic. I see myself happiest in a flexible job, perhaps a more benevolent version of Rita Skeeter, a researcher of some sort, author, or even somethi
ng like a magical film critic. With more malleable work hours I'd still have time for a robust social life centered around my friends, family, children. A documentary film maker of the magical world might be a very interesting career as well. Finally, while traditionally structured than I'd expect, I'd consider work at a place like St. Mungo's too. I'm a very outgoing and nurturing person, I thrive when around other people! Interacting with a large number of people on a daily basis is a necessity for me. I also have a strong desire to improve society and help others through my work. I could definitely see medicine as a very fulfilling profession. Though, I must admit, the job of a healer seems rather routine. Like I said before, it would be hard to commit to as I tire easily of structure, established norms, and conforming to authority.

What kinds of decisions are the most difficult for you to make? Anything and everything! I'm deeply ruminative and calculating to a fault. So, I'm always thinking about how my decision now will impact me 10 steps ahead. I'm guided by my feelings very deeply, but I rarely make impulsive choices that I regret. I'd say that decisions I see as impacting my future long term have been some of the hardest (which Uni I went to, what job to accept, love interests etc.)

If you had the opportunity to live forever, under what conditions would you accept? The conditions would have to be pretty extreme and include maintining my close family and friends, mental capabilities and my bodily functioning at least moderately well. I'd probably decline the offer given it would totally erode my value for life. Seeing experiences as fleeting and precious helps me give them value. If there were an infinite number of moments then I'd probably see it all as pointless or at the very least capable of being repeated. If my eternal life could save people from starvation or cure a global disease I suppose I'd do it. The conditions would have to create such a great impact globally, or a great impact on the people I love, that I simply couldn't refuse it.

What is one thing you would never want said about you? I'm averse to being characterized poorly! I honestly don't like when I'm portrayed negatively at all. I wouldn't want to be seen as cruel, unforgiving, selfish, greedy, judgmental or gluttonous.

Do you believe that moral actions should be judged by the intentions behind them, or by the consequences they create? More often than not the consequences, but I do think that intentions should be factored in. My answer is somewhat like the (imperfect) way murder convictions are currently dealt with in the US. Accidentally causing a death because of recklessness is not treated the same as a premeditated torture then slaughter of a human being. I don't see the two actions as being of the same magnitude, so ill will and intentional malice should be punished more harshly than unintended consequences. That being said, there are accidents and we can't always predict the way we will impact others. If someone seems truly remorseful and was unaware their actions might cause pain to another and they don't result in severe pain\death, then intentions might be more important.

What do you look for in a friend? So many things, but I love when people have passions they dedicate themselves to deeply. I treasure intellectually stimulating conversation, so curious people are also such a joy. I don't have to be aligned with my friends in terms of values on everything. But, it's nice when we share some of the same hobbies or aspirations so there is some common ground for example an adventurous friend, a well read friend, or maybe an activist type.

What trait most annoys you about other people? I am easily annoyed by people who are self righteous and sanctimonious. It is very irritating to deal with those that are unwilling to hear other perspectives. You don't always have to agree with all of the viewpoints that people express around you and listening may just affirm why you disagree so strongly. I am always up for well reasoned discussions. I cannot stand people that are unable to have mature debates without dissolving into personal attacks or screaming matches.

What do you think are your top five abilities or qualities?
I did my own spin on this to make life easier as it was getting quite long. Rather than list my top five abilities/qualities and then my top five weaknesses, I did eight of my qualities and described the ways that I think they are both beneficial and detrimental. I don't think things are black and white enough for one trait about myself to always be negative or always be positive. For example, take being outspoken for example, you can speak out and change the world, but if you speak out at the wrong time you may not have anyone around to listen or it may be simply taken as cruel and unproductive criticism.

Passionate Polymath (Fickle Dilettante) The first and most important part of my personality are my flimsy extremities. You will probably see contradictions in the paragraphs below as I become deeply engaged in hobbies only to cast them aside when boredom sets in. Holding my attention for time that spans years is very difficult. I'm overly trusting of those I love. Yet, I'm not often entirely trusting of those who claim to love me. I'm inconsistent with my likes and dislikes, my habits ebb and flow like an ocean tide. I can become obsessed with something as easily as I can become disgusted with it. I have insanely high, almost impossibly high personal standards and yet, don't hold anyone but myself to them. My expectations are extremely unrealistic and I forgive almost as quickly as I'm disappointed by others. When I was younger I used to have a boyfriend one day, and then he would walk by, engaged in discussion with another friend. I would try and grab his
attention, then overanalyze him ignoring me in that moment and soon after break up with him for fear of him doing it first. I think this definitely shows that I am also deeply fearful of rejection and failure. I've grown less attached to the perception of other's as I get older. But, I'd still rather make up an excuse that other people see as legitimate, rather than expressing a simple "no I'm not interested" or "no thank you."

Gracious (Calculated/Disingenuous) Almost everyone close to me says I could be an actress. I take it as a compliment some of the time, and other days it just makes me sad. I'm the type of girl who won't let you know what she's thinking or feeling unless we're incredibly close, sometimes not at all. I'm very suspicious, of people, of their motives and I think that giving too much of yourself (especially emotionally) can leave you vulnerable. This deeply suspicious nature makes it very hard for me to trust people. I'm intensely calculated nearly all of the time. This quality makes truly getting close to me quite an art. One might think it'd be difficult to get to know me at all... But, I compensate by being overly gracious to everyone, making it appear effortless to befriend me. Many people think that we are close given that I offer up tidbits of myself to appear free and emotionally available. I have a lot of acquaintances, yet only a few very close
members of my family or friend group truly know my heart. To be fair, it's hard to understand someone fully when their interests are always in flux.

Driven (Obsessive) If I set my mind to something I will endure blood, sweat and tears to accomplish it. Despite hating that I metaphorically, "kill myself" to complete a task once started, I have a sort of complex. There are many things I dream of achieving and the list is only growing. It's important to note that my dreams aren't only academic, or monetarily oriented. Don't get me wrong, I think school is important (to me), but I don't believe in learning for the sake of learning. The content is what counts, not the fact that I'm sitting in a classroom or reading something out of a textbook... I happen to get good grades, by a combination of sometimes trying (in classes I care for), and completely ignoring work at other times. I'm definitely an extremist, like I said before, an all or nothing girl when it comes to school, boys, family, friends etc. I'll either give the assignment everything I've got and completely stress myself out, or not do it at all. I would rather earn a 0 on an assignment, than to turn in something I'm not proud of.

Dreamer (Impractical/Foolish) Because I have such a vivid imagination I'm easy to disappoint. I have these strict ideas of the way I want things to go, with sports, with boys, with my life. When things don't work out, I start to wonder why and blame myself. This usually leads to me getting upset - not angry upset, just sad, that things didn't turn out the way I wanted, the way I had planned things out in my head. That life isn't living up to my grand expectations. Disappointed seems like a more fitting word than upset, because of the connotations that it has in our society. Anyway, I think my dreams are like roadmaps of the perfect life, the life that I want, the life I must have. While I'm easy to disappoint, I'm even easier to cheer up. Here come the extremes again. I love presents, parties and just having a good time. If one of my friends can get me to laugh I'll usually be "OK." Sure, in situations where I'm greatly disappointed d
rinks and laughs can't exactly, "turn my frown upside down," but in those cases it also takes quite a lot to get me that upset. I'm not the type to let strings break inside me for nothing. I sort of ruminate and sit on the bad until I explode, whether it's out of anger, grief, or an inability to suppress things. Despite being bubbly and outgoing, I love a good evening alone watching movies, reading books, or a solitary afternoon stroll. As hard as it is to believe, I'm a closet introvert. By that I mean, while I love a good time of getting to know people and having fun, I get heaps of inspiration or inner drive from solitary activities, rather than from feeding off others energy. This is something that not many people know about me, because I defy the stereotypes of an introvert. Most introverts are thought of as timid and shy, keeping to themselves. It's common to find me alone outside reading, painting, drawing or just off daydreaming in my own world. If I had an invisibility cloak, I would be selfish enough to use it just to get some alone time and lounge around on school benches.

I have a wide circle of acquaintances that would swear they were all my good friends. But, I can honestly say that few of them know the "real" me. I love meeting new people and having a good time, but all of that is so superfluous sometimes, so insignificant. Going out. Talking to strangers. I love it because, because by telling people meaningless secrets, giving them bits of myself, they start to think they know me. And yeah, it's hard to let yourself get chipped away like that... but I guess that's who I am. There I go, telling too much to people that don't know me, though this is the internet and you'll never meet me anyway. I like keeping things simple and detached because I'm so afraid to fail I can't let anyone know what really matters to me. Plus, they might think I'm crazy for being so skeptical, after all, sometimes even I do… Another downside is that can't help but to get doubtful when things go too well for too long. I'm the queen of self sabotage maybe because I don't believe that joy can last.

Animated/Uninhibited (Misleading) My effervescent personality gets me lots of attention, and sometimes into trouble. I'm innately outgoing and lack the ability to say no to new experience. I also have a deep desire not to let others down. So, when I'm really disinterested I'll come up with fancfiful tales to avoiding explaining that I simply don't want to do something. I'm constantly laughing and bringing others around me joy whether it's through song, dance, silly comments or my big personality. But, this also gets me into trouble when those around me discover I've misled them instead of telling the truth.

Loyal (Enduring\Delusional\Blind to Fault) One of my best and worst characteristics is my loyalty. I am loyal to all those that I truly care about. I am so loyal and trusting that it sometimes gets me into trouble. When I was younger, my parents would find wrappers strewn around the house and ask my brother if he ate popsicles before dinner. To which of course, he would respond with a smug grin and answer no, nonetheless I would get into raging arguments with my parents claiming his innocence. This is one of my faults, even if I know that someone is lying to my face, or intentionally hurting me (if I care about them) I have the hardest time letting them go. A saying I stick to is, "life isn't about finding the people who don't hurt you, it's about finding the people worth getting hurt for." I always seem able to find the best in people because I care enough about them to search for it. If I ever get too emotionally attached or close to someone with less
than honorable intentions, well this might just be my downfall.

Nostalgic (Clingy\Dependant) Another important part of me is that I'm nostalgic. I hold on to memories as means of happiness sometimes. I always keep notes and cards that friends write me, or old ticket stubs from movies and concerts - I'm a hoarder. Sometimes I read over the letters and postcards, and get sad, mostly when I realize that I don't have that same exact moment anymore, or that same exact relationship, with that same exact person anymore. It's nice though, to know for one moment, however long ago that moment may have been, that I was on their mind. I get dizzy thinking about how fast everything changes. About how, in the midst of things, my head somehow forgot to catch up with my body in the now. How I'm so different here than I once was, all those years ago. And most of all… that everything that I write, I upload, or save onto the computer because I am forgetful and I am careless. It will eventually just be a reminder of a past self, on
e too difficult, painful, or different to try and recall. But for some reason, despite it being so difficult to keep everything, I can't imagine not having access to all those scrap pieces of my life at an instants notice. I loose things that I write down on paper. Try losing the internet. You can't just rip that apart like you can with words on paper. Which is all that any of it really amounts to in the end. I don't want to lose a single thought, or a single moment of my life that I hadn't gotten around to documenting. Even now, I know that I'd like to have a reminder of my sixteen-year-old self with me when I'm a zillion years old. Over the years, I've found myself adding to an already-too-big stash of kindergarten drawings and elementary school projects. Admittedly, I never actually find the time to look at a clay-and-styrofoam model of the solar system, but I just like knowing that it's there. That the past is at my disposal at all times. I mean really, I never have the heart to throw any of it away. Basically, I'm afraid of forgetting. I don't want a single chapter of my life to be missing. Once I toss out what's-her-face-from-whenever's letter, she is gone. As soon as I lose track of a picture, or of some writing, then that day may have never happened. Once you forget, it doesn't exist anymore. Then there are times when it hurts to remember. Because all these things are memories, and only memories. They the carrot dangling in front of the horse. They are only intangible thoughts and recollections. And no number of notes, or blogs, or finger paintings will be able to bring them back for me.

Open Minded (Compliant/Susceptible) I'm very open minded and a firm believer in free speech. My ease with unpopular opinions enables me to meet unique people or hear about things that the common person is too afraid to learn. My desire to weigh and listen to numerous options sometimes gets me into trouble with those who want a quick and decisive answer from me. It also can make me seem hypocritical as I affiliate myself with those I may not agree with.

What do you think are your top five weaknesses or worst qualities?
Rather than list my top five abilities or qualities and then my top five weaknesses I'm going to list eight qualities and ways that I think they are both beneficial and detrimental. In life I don't think things are black and white enough for one trait about myself to always be negative or always be positive. For example, take being outspoken for example, you can speak out and change the world, but if you speak out at the wrong time no one may be listening or you may just be criticizing. (SEE ABOVE FOR QUALITIES).

Name: My name is Tatyana, but my nickname is Tanya.
Age: 24
Where did you find out about us? Google search, I was a former member though roughly 7 years ago!
Do you plan on being active in the communities once you are sorted? I do!

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  • (no subject)

    What HP character do you identify with most and why? When I was reading the books as a child, I identified the most with Harry, Lily and Ginny.…

  • (no subject)

    What HP character do you identify with most and why? My first reaction is to say Hermione - I’ve always been the smart one. Not pretty, not…

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