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To the house of hogwarts I go....

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
I would change YOUR face! Just kidding. If I had to change one thing (just one) I would switch global warming with global cooling. Weather would never reach above 60 degrees Fahrenheit because I don’t like palm trees and have you ever seen them in Siberia? Unlike in winter when you’re spending the day snowboarding or actually doing something worthwhile, in summer you’re stuck hiding under the bed from 10 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon because it was too damn hot to do anything else, and I burn terribly. In winter, the Winter X games would be able to be played all year long and it’s the only good TV show besides Queer Eye.

What makes a person respectable?
They’re able to know when to stop and when they’re overboard. They can listen to other peoples’ views without being quick to judge and saying “no that’s wrong”. They've got to realize there’s not just one right way in life. Loosing your temper and just going off the handle shows that you have no self-control, and if you can't control yourself, why would I want to respect an insecure person? They can also understand that even if someone is doing something that’s not in the best interest to their selves/health, instead of telling them ‘this’ and imposing their ideas on them, they should be able to listen and let the others make their own decision. I know I wouldn't want someone bossing me around, even if I knew I was wrong. They have got to be true to themselves. I'm sick and tired of meeting/seeing people who feel the need to shove themselves into a little box of the stereotype they wish they could be. I am not a distrustful person, but I feel that I cannot trust or respect someone who is not really themselves. They should be bright. When I say this, I don't mean they have to be a genious. Ii just really have redudant and stupid people. It seems as if they are purposely acting clueless (and they they aren't, that's even worse). I want to be able to be on the same level as the person I'm having a conversation with. Also, they must know what they believe in and what they want. There is no sadder a person who can't make their own decisions and are dependant on others to do it for them. The first description that pops to mind when I'm typing this is that they have no backbone. They just go with the flow. Going with the flow is not a bad thing but when it comes to being yourself, it does not gain any respect from me. Self-confidence is a great attribute.Finally, I'd want them to have a good appearance. I don't mean looks, but more as in how they are viewed by other people as well. I don't want to be associated with the druggy trashy people for that would only pull me down.

What do you look for in a friend?
I'm quite nit-picky about people and I always seem to be able to find something that is flawed. But if I actually would have to say that I would want my friends to find me. It's not like I go out friend-hunting. I want a person who would make an effort to know me and prefer me over those other people. I know it may sound self-centered, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. I don't want a touchy feely person who constantly... well... needs hugs and stuff like that. I'm their friend, not their mother. Someone who’s funny and doesn’t bother me or treat my like their own personal slave. Usually my friends tolerate me because on most occasions, no one else does and I respect that. I don't want to have to be the person who has a friend that is expected to be toted around to everywhere with them because I'm not a dog. I won't go off on your personal expeditions, those I'll leave to you. I don’t really care if they’re honest or if they’re loyal. I prefer them to be so, but as long as we get along, that works for me too.

What are your hobbies?
Bribing my friends…for food of course. Obsessing over Keira Knightley, Michael Phelps [insert witty comment, except I’m not really witty] horses, and kayaking (but rarely get the chance). Referring to the ‘and why’ section, it’s because I like food, I like Keira Knightley , I like Michael Phelps, and I like horseback riding, and I like kayaking. DUH.

Have or would you give time and money to a charity?
No I’m against charity because helping people is bad. Of course I would because you never know when all that giving will come around back to you and it pays to do something good. Time is money, so since I have given time to charities by volunteering before, it’s pretty much the same as money isn’t it? But I'm not about to labor hours away because I know that my life doesn't revolve around some skinny malnourished kid over yonder but rather, it revolves around me since I am the one that has a life (not to sound concieted or anything even though it really does. *pout*). It's not my priority at all.

What is the one thing you would most like to accomplish?
Money would be nice. I mean it would be REALLY NICE. I know it may sound strange, but then I could use it to fly myself over and run the length of the Great Wall of China. If I ran 10 miles a day, I would end up with 3650 miles in a year and I’m kind of hoping that the Wall is shorter than that, but something around there because running is one of the greatest ways to get out your energy and the Great Wall of China is also a pretty cool Wonder of the world. It’s not your everyday accomplishment, but I want to be the first person to do it. If that is not serious for you, then I would have to say that I would want to make a splash in history. Just going through life and having the ability to say that you have completed it is not enough for me. A fear of mine is being forgotten. It’s terrible when you think about after dying that your some 80 years in life, all the things you did, would have been as if they never existed. So in order for that to never happen, I would want to do something really big, what? I cannot tell you, but just something enough so that I can leave my mark and be able to say when I die, “yeah. That was me.”

Who is your role model?
I’ve come to a conclusion that I don’t have one. Why? Because what makes people respectable is that they are independent and are not influenced by other people’s thoughts/opinions and they can think for themselves. Need I say more? Thank yoh. Well… except maybe the cookie monster. My sister was watching one of her Sesame Street videos, and I have to say (getting more sidetracked by the minute) that I have got to admire a person… creature… that can eat that many cookies that fast. You admire someone who has a trait that you want to possess, and I can’t deny that I like food (refer to hobby question. I <3 food). I even eat cookies the way he does *sigh* we have so much in common.

What trait most annoys you about other people?
Everyone should be able to see all the options and not give up after their first attempt. You have to have the self-confidence too because otherwise, you will never live life to the fullest and are just cutting yourself off from who you can really be. I don’t like hypocrites also because they say one thing and do the other. For them, it doesn’t get anymore simpler than “I say. You do.” I hate people who are dishonest and don't hold there word. If you promise something, then keep that promise. It's stupid to say it otherwise if you aren't going to mean it. If you really have no intention of sticking to your word, then the best thing is to just not talk at all. I really dislike it when people are overly open. They're an open book, allowing anyone to come and just be able to read what they think. They don't think about their actions and they take things for granted. Who knows if you could get hurt or not. Lastly, it annoys me when people just talk for the sole purpose to hear themselves and none of it makes sense. They just go on and on and on... and sometimes they let something stupid slip and then they can have other people use it against them. Or they say something but they don't have anything what so ever to back them up. I hate being caught in this situation, so I never say something that I don't mean.

What do you want to do for a living?
Being confined in an office doesn’t sound like a real life to me but then again, I'm not exactly all that eager to jump to my feet and say "Hey, let's work and sweat blood until I drop dead to the ground at the end of the day!" I guess if I did have all the money I wanted (seeing to my accomplish question), I wouldn't need to "have a living". I don't want to come off as lazy, but I just really don't feel like being boreded out of my mind for the majority of the day, only to have to go home and work on the very things that bore me to death. With money, I would be able to spend more time doing what I want, and if there was a living that did that, I'd be first in line.

Would you ever use an Unforgivable Curse for any reason?
They are called unforgivable curses implying that I have done something wrong. But in the modern day, what if someone was attacking you and it was your life on the line and they were just the nastiest scum on the face of the planet? Would it be unforgivable to kill them because you didn’t want to die? Some say that our lives our not ours to control and if God wants us alive/dead, what can we do? I honestly don’t like that idea. I hate the notion that I can’t control my life so I’m going to say yes, I would use the Unforgivable Curse, but not for fun, only in the most dire of situations.

What do you think are your top five abilities or qualities?
Knowing myself- There are so many indecisive people and I feel that my knowing what is expected of me (from others and myself) and knowing how to follow what I believe while trying my hardest to not get sidetracked by anything else in going for my goal is a strength. It can be quite hard if you do not know how you want yourself to be seen and how to hold yourself with dignity while still being able to live life normally. That’s why I consider it an ability.
Determination- I have my ways of going at things in a determined manner, but I'm not one to be brash. There's nothing worse than being all enthusiastic about achieving your goal, and telling the world, only to have that work against you. As long as I know that I have accomplished it, what's the need for everyone else to have the potential to get in my way while I'm in the process. Only after I'm done and have successfully reached my goal would I come out from under the covers. I don't think there's anything great about flaunting objectives; it's just annoying and irritating. I guess I take special precautions to stay low key because I know that there's nothing stopping me from accomplishing what I really want, and I would hate for not thinking ahead and something as juvenille as recklessness to ruin everything. Even if people taunt me or make fun of my goals, why should that stop me? If I want it, then I'll go after it. There's no point in having someone elses' opions sway what I believe because in the end, I'd just end up being a mixture of other people rather than myself and that goes against pretty much everything I stand for.
Fairness- Though I can be self-centered and seem as if I don't really care at times, I still will treat everyone fairly. I'm not one to judge by your looks and it irks me when people don't get the chance that they deserve just because they weren't judged fairly. I try and give everyone the benefit of the doubt even if it may not seem as if I am. I guess I just don't don't like wearing my emotions on my sleeve, but that doesn't mean I don't have them.
Non-worrisome- I'm not even sure if that's a quality but I think it is, seeing as so many people worry too much now a days. It's constantly "What do I wear?" and "What will people think of me?" and "What if what they are thinking of me is just what I'm assuming I want them to think of me?" and there's never a moment to breath or just stop and have a life. What's the point in living life in the past or in a moment that takes so much out of you?
Competativeness- I've got to say that I don't like the idea of being second to the best. If I can be the best, what's stopping me from trying to be it? I'll use everything I've got to prove to someone or even just to prove to myself that yes I can do it. Nothing bothers me more than knowing that my friends can do something I can't.

What do you think are your top five weaknesses or worst qualities?
Standards- Being brought up in a house filled with expectations, I learned to set my bar to high, whether it was good or not for me. I'd always shoot too high and come back down dissapointed. In the end, all my dreams and goals were bery hard to obtain. I have a difficulty with forgiving and forgetting and I tend to not be able to accept the fact that I can't change some things. I should look past the material world and try to focus more on the less worldly goods, but in the meantimes, old habits die hard. And this is a REALLY old habit.
Pride- PRide in the sense that you are happy with what you have and content with your successes etc is the good pride. I tend to have the pride that makes sadly arrogant when I get recognition for anything I've done. It's a terrible character flaw but hey, that's why it's under this question.
Disinterest- I try to be the person who you can come to and cry on... wait a second. I actually don't. It's not like I go out of my way to ignore my friends problems, but whenever it comes to them crying to me about their horrible life, I find that I really could care less. I hate whiny people and noises and during those times, it's like something shuts off inside of me. THere are times when I'll just be blunt to a point that it can hurt others, but I don't think that I should sacrifice my opinions for them. Advil doesn't affect me, all those other weird medicines and llergy shots I take don't affect me, so why should much else affect me?
Criticism- LEt's just say I don't take it well. Whenever someone criticizes me or something I've done, I take it personally. and maybe a bit too much if you ask me. I won't go off my rocker to beat them, but I'll have some sort of mental outburst where I'm kciking and screaming which leads to growing hatred. I don't like showing my emotions even if someone has scarred my pride. Eventually the steams of anger will leak out, but not for as long as I can help it.
Distrust- As I've said before, I'm not an open book. I don't see how some people can just pour out their life story to another person. The only person I really trust with my secrets is me, and as long as there's only one of me, that's where all my secrets will stay.

Define in your own words the following key traits:
Courage: THe ability to shove what everyone else thinks, along with your personal fears to the side and do what you feel should be done or maybe it is just the opposite and not being convinced into doing something you don't want to do. Courage is not always actions, but can be countering them to stick up for yourself.

Loyalty: Being loyal is not only constricted to being forever faithful because that's just narrow and not the kind of loyalty that I think of. I believe being loyal is not betraying yourself, or going against what you think and trust. Hypocrites are nothing to be proud of.

Intelligence: Not to close your mind, but remain open to all sorts of other kinds of intelligence. The willingness to accept and learn more. Intelligence is more of a humble thing, not a trait to be showy and brag about, because that's just impudent. Sometimes, the most intelligent thing is to keep quiet to yourself and not broadcast to the world.

Ambition: Ambition doesn't just have to be "I want to be the most successful person in the world and have everyone else as minions at my feet." It's not always that obvious and most of the time, when its subtle, that's when one truly has the passion. Spreading your ambition and mouthing it to the world isn't going to help you achieve what you want. It can be much less worldy. If you have the ambition to be the best rock climber or on the other half the the sepctrum, the ambition to be a coach potato, that's fine. Just so long as you have the want and drive, that's what ambition is.

Name: Carys


What house do you think DOESN'T fit you? (This question is optional for those who feel they just DO NOT fit in a house. Please explain WHY.) I know where I'd like to be, but I suppose I'll leave the decision up to you.

Where did you find out about us? Being lazy and procrastinating on homework so I could look up more sorting communities.

Added: After reading over my results, I just want to comment how it seems as if the Gryffindors are tossing me away towards the Slytherins but the Slytherins are tossing me back to the Gryffindors. I know I shouldn't find it funny, but it's like a game of hot potato. I like potatos.
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  • oh hey *waves*

    What HP character do you identify with most and why? Luna Lovegood. She’s very quirky and out of place but it doesn’t bother her. I…

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