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new members! :D



none ):


For the newly sorted newbies, here's a handy crash course 101 in where you're headed for next. Read carefully and learn the tricks of the trade~

1.) Accept your hogwartsishome invitations here.

2.) Join your common room! (Gryffindor: gryff_lions; Hufflepuff: the_puff_house; Ravenclaw: ravenclaw_house; Slytherin: cunningfolk)

3.) Make an introduction post in your common room! All common rooms have an introduction form for you to fill out in their user info.

4.) Join Hogwarts is Home subsidiaries! I've left a list of all of our sub communities for you in your official sorting comment at the end of your platform_934 application, but your prefects should be able to give you more information once you post your introductions. (:

5.) Drop down into Diagon Alley and register your account. I've already created each of your accounts, so all you have to do is activate them! (If you're a returning member, you will simply have to log back in.) This is where you'll be keeping track of your owned items and knuts, among other things. Oh, and don't forget to read through A Newbie's Primer to The System to find out all of the other nitty gritty details.

6.) Come back to platform_934 to VOTE! Before you do, PLEASE read our sorting rules here (just beneath the textbox that holds the sorting application), and here (under the header "For those sorting."). Not following procedure may result in not receiving points for your house; please be careful! (:

7.) Just a final note - all of the Mods here are willing to help you, so if you feel overwhelmed or have any questions, ask around! Your Prefects especially are like your designated tour guides, and your housemates are the perfect mentors!
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