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  • What sort of profession in the wizarding world would you choose and why?

    High Inquisitor.

    I'm kidding. Although it would be really fun to be in charge of hiring like that (Can you imagine everyone tiptoeing around you? Who would upset you intentionally?), it could probably put a damper on my actual relations with people, considering few would allow themselves to be be completely honest around me and I'd get sick of the people so obviously kissing up to me after a while.

    I'd want to take on a job I wouldn't be able to have as a Muggle--in particular, it'd be interesting to work with Charms stuff for my profession. I couldn't convert my current job prospects to those in the Wizarding World, as I doubt Gringotts would hire humans for desk jobs. (If they do, I'm there!) I like the travel aspect of the Curse-Breakers' positions, but I'm too much of a "home" girl to enjoy being abroad for the length of time I expect most Curse-Breakers to be. The Department of Mysteries sounds really fun, of course, but I don't think I'd like not being able to talk about what I do. I wouldn't survive a week as an Unspeakable. Sure, I'd get the opportunity to work with information that not many (if any) others are privy to, but keeping all of it to myself and not even sharing with my coworkers sounds a little impossible.

    The Department of Magical Transportation sounded particularly interesting to me. So much of human interaction would require us to use Floo and/or Portkeys for transportation convenience, and to be able to be the one who filters through all of it would be nothing short of amazing. Head of the Department of Magical Transportation, maybe? I like the idea of being able to keep watch over everything, to make the decisions and delegate duties based on employees' individual abilities and personalities. And hopefully my position would permit me to travel from time to time, considering the nature of the department itself.

    Oh, and I think it'd be pretty cool if I could simultaneously hold a position on Hogwarts' Board of Governors. I love how Hogwarts is run, and I'd love to be a part of that. Just not as a teacher, as I can see myself walking in and walking right back out of the classroom. Kids are nice, but I wouldn't relish spending that much time with them.

    Sorry if I can't pinpoint an exact "ideal job". Honestly, when it comes to the Wizarding World, I'm far more interested in the overall organizations and their capabilities than I am with the individual jobs themselves.

  • You have to venture deep into the Forbidden Forest one night. Pick one Harry Potter character other than Hagrid and one object (muggle or magical), besides your wand, that you'd want with you.

    Why am I venturing deep into the Forbidden Forest? I can hardly walk in my own neighborhood without getting terrorized by children hiding behind bushes (I kid you not).

    I first thought of Hermione: She knows the textbooks like the palm of her hand, not to mention she's the guilty conscience sort, so she wouldn't just leave me behind if things got too messy. But then I figured I'd want someone a little more street-smart. Someone more adult. Mad-Eye Moody is paranoid like no other, so I won't feel out of place for freaking out about everything that comes my way. He and his "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!" may be a little off-putting at first, but I'd get used to it. With Moody around casting the Disillusionment Charm and constantly putting up magical barriers, I'd be able to search the forest without worrying too much about the saving-my-own-ass thing. (Without him, I'd be out of there as fast as I entered.) Acromantula colony? Centaurs? Trolls? Not a problem, Mad-Eye's great at both offensive and defensive magic. He isn't a fan of inflicting fatal injuries upon his opponents, so I don't have to feel guilty for causing rampant deaths in the forest -- they won't happen! I could bug him for anecdotes from the war along the way, too.

    As far as objects go .. My train of thought: The invisibility cloak? But not everything will rely on eyesight to hunt me down. The flying Ford Anglia? I could get the hell out of there as soon as I got whatever I wanted from the Forbidden Forest. But it doesn't seem that versatile, and I'd hate to have to worry about flying the car properly. I can drive, sure, but pilot a flying car? Not so much. How about something like the Repel item from Pokemon? If it didn't interfere with my searching in the Forest, sure. But I think it'd be infinitely more useful to bring a quality broomstick along. I tend to get caught up in the details, so seeing the Forest from above would be a better way to get an overview of the area, not to mention the broomstick would make for a quick escape route if necessary.

  • If you had the opportunity to live forever, but your family and friends did not, what would you choose? And if you did choose to live forever, what would you do with eternity?

    I wouldn't be one to voluntarily live forever. I can't imagine constantly watching everyone around me growing older and eventually dying, knowing the same would never be true for me. Constantly having the "It'll be my turn soon enough" mentality, but never getting to the point where it does happen. I'd be forever attaching myself to people and having to let them go, or becoming withdrawn and refusing to open my heart to others. Why would I choose a life like that? I'd rather put my all into the relationships I have with people than live distanced/detached from those I would like to care for. I value the time I have in this life, but part of that value comes from the knowledge that the time is limited.

  • If you could travel back in time to one point, when and where would you go? Why?

    I don't fancy the idea of changing anything major in my life, seeing as I'm pretty content with how I am now, emotional battle scars and all. Learning from your mistakes is important, so I wouldn't intentionally fix any aspect of my past. There's a reason you're not allowed to use Time-Turners to change things.

    The future doesn't sound all that interesting; I'd rather wait and take life as it comes. I'd probably end up just going back to my childhood (preschool or first grade, maybe?) and observing how I behaved as a child. My parents didn't take many videos of me back then, and I'd like to see a miniature version of myself (you know, without having to go through childbirth).

  • What HP character do you identify with most and why?

    I'd choose Minerva McGonagall, an authoritative professor who doesn't allow others to intimidate her. She is able to make sound judgment calls about a person's character, incredibly thorough, and demonstrates her opposition of others by subtle verbal belittling (think Umbridge). She's a formidable woman in her own right; one can't become a Deputy Headmistress by being a pushover. Neither of us like to believe things until we can run them by a credible source; we're also not particularly good at comforting people. McGonagall gave Peeves tips on how to unscrew a chandelier and thus cause havoc for Umbridge; I can see myself doing something just as indirectly destructive, as I'd prefer to be the mastermind than the instigator. However, she isn't afraid to show her softer side to those who are closer to her. Privately. Like me, she doesn't exactly agree with the study of Divination, preferring instead something more solid/practical. We both like making nasty little side comments about situations/people we don't care for, quietly enough for only a few to hear. I can't tolerate absolute, senseless stupidity, just like McGonagall, who turns cold towards those who do things she feels are stupid. Her love for cats sealed the deal.

    However, I can also kind of see a Slughorn aspect to myself. His favoritism, in particular. When I'm a more senior member in a group, I tend to pick out a few people who I think are particularly talented, and I'll show my preference for them so long as they continue to showcase their abilities and work to their full potential. Actually, I'm not sure whether this couldn't be counted as a McGonagall trait as well. Although she prides herself on being strict but fair, she's willing to bend the rules in some cases.

  • What would you see if you looked into the Mirror of Erised?

    I'd be successful in my own right. First off, I'd see myself much more polished and put-together than I am now, with a small group of genuine friends I know I can depend on for anything. I'd be able to support myself with my own chosen career, not relying on anyone else as far as my pocketbook goes. I'd have a place of my own, or I'd be living with a friend of some sort. I definitely wouldn't be living with my parents anymore; I relish the idea of not being trapped under anyone's thumb, husband, parent, or otherwise. My parents had (and still have) a lot of trouble realizing that I'm not a child anymore, and that following them around while they're buying groceries isn't my ideal way to spend my summer. That being said, me-in-the-mirror would have the chance to travel nearly everywhere, evident by the passport with stamps from front to back.

  • Do you believe that moral actions should be judged by the intentions behind them, or by the consequences they create?

    I've always hated morality questions. (I tend to dislike philosophical questions in general; they strike me as too theoretical to be immediately useful.) Who are we to judge whether something is moral or immoral? I think it's more a question of what our society feels is acceptable or not .. but anyway. I've always been a bit of a consequentialist myself, although I acknowledge that both should be taken into account. One problem with this is there can be endless possibilities when it comes to consequences. It takes a lot of foresight to anticipate consequences to your actions, and you can't exactly nail someone on the sole criteria that they didn't think far ahead enough.

  • What was your ideal job as a kid? Has that changed? What is your ideal job now?

    I remember first wanting to be a ballerina. When I fell in love with books, I changed my career of choice to that of an author. Later, I realized it wasn't that easy to write out more than a few chapters, and that I didn't actually want to do something like that all my life, especially since it would be incredibly difficult to get started and get on the right track to steady paychecks. (I was a very practical fifth-grader.) I decided to be a pharmacist, up until my sophomore year of high school, during which I took Chemistry Honors and went, "I can't take another year of this."

    I'm a typical Taurus; I thrive on security. This is especially true when it comes to finances. I won't pretend to have expensive taste; I actually am quite bothered when I buy jeans more expensive than $20. But when I choose to do something for myself, I go all out. (Example: I didn't blink an eye at shelling out $220 for a great seat to a K-pop concert last September.) Whatever profession I take would have to result in a regular, hopefully-large paycheck. I can't even imagine depending on someone else for my own well-being. My mom summed it up quite nicely. She's basically fine with whatever I want to do, since she knows how I am: I'll need to finance my living-fairly-expensively somehow, so I'll aim for high-paying fields, and I like the satisfaction from beating out other people, so a fairly competitive job industry would work well for me.

    I've been interested in finance since my friend suggested it after my run-in with Chemistry; the finance department is vital to every business. For a while, I looked into the careers of stockbroker and financial advisor. But after I took an accounting course last semester, it made a lot more sense for me to go into accounting than forward-looking finance. Financial advisors look to the future and make predictions, while accountants look through firms' financial history. Backwards-looking is much more my style, as I like making conclusions based off of things easily proven (and I don't really like the high level of risk involved in finance).

  • If you were able to invent one spell, potion, or charm, what would it do, what would you use it for or how would you use it, and what would you call it?

    I'd like to invent an offshoot of the Resurrection Stone, taking into account the grieving after one's death. It'd be nice to have a way to say your last words to the person; not needing to turn back time to change history, but just getting what you need to off your chest. It's also comforting to know that they know that you love them, that no words were left unspoken. I guess the trigger for this one is my uncle's death: he died of a sudden heart attack, and my cousin was upset for months because they'd fought about her career decision and never really settled the discussion. That sort of thing really takes a toll on you, so I imagine being able to clear the air in that sort of a situation would be really useful to have. It would be a temporary sort of thing, and the materialization of the deceased would vanish after you're done talking.

    I'd expect it to be a type of potion, with one of the necessary ingredients being a memory of the person you're trying to temporarily bring back. I'm terrible at names, but a tentative title would be the Elixer of Resurgence. "Resurgence" being "a continuing after intteruption, a renewal" and referring to the temporary revival of the deceased, as well as the imbiber being able to continue with their life minus the guilt.

  • If you were to face a boggart, what would it turn into? And what does it turn into when you throw the counter-spell, Riddikulus?

    It's a toss-up between a super-sized version of hives and a car careening towards me. I'd never be able to be a doctor because I can't stand the sight of blood, hives, or anything of the sort. I have an overactive imagination when it comes to physical pain. As far as the car goes, I have an irrational fear of car accidents. Every time my dad's late coming home from work, I automatically assume he got in a car accident and is lying dead in a ditch somewhere. If I'm walking and the sidewalk disappears, I walk on the grass rather than on the street because it's less likely that I'll get run over. When my mom speeds on the freeway, I pay extra attention to the road so I'll be able to take the wheel if she loses control somehow.

    I have no idea what the hives would turn into. I guess the car would be transfigured into a car plushie. Even better, it'd shrink into one of those Hot Wheels and bounce off my shoe.

  • What do you look for in a friend?

    I don't really look for anything when I make friends, even though I naturally gravitate to those with similar viewpoints. If I find a person particularly interesting, then yeah, I'll try to pursue further interaction with them. If a friendship develops from that, then cool.

    There are a few traits I like to keep in mind when opening up to people, however. I need for a friend to be someone I'll be able to tell things to without feeling like I'll be judged, without feeling that they'll tell someone else. Someone who will believe things when I say them, but not so much that they're gullible as it is that they trust me. Case in point: A while back, I told a friend a secret. Nothing life-changing, just embarrassing for someone else to know. She promised she wouldn't tell anyone else. Neither of us brought it again, but two weeks later, a mutual friend mentioned it in passing. I corrected the friend, saying it was a lie (it wasn't) and had just been a test to find out who I could trust and how our social structures worked. Thankfully, both of them believed me and apologized profusely. But I don't like having to resort to methods like that. I like being truthful with people I'm close to.

    It would be great if they weren't judgmental and didn't have a superiority/inferiority complex. I find my closer friends to be those who can tell me when I'm making a really dumb decision. Also, they should be able to take a joke.

  • What trait most annoys you about other people?

    A lot of things bother me. Those who make important decisions regarding you without even letting you know there are options, people who try to push things on me and leave me no room to make my own choices, people who don't do their jobs, people who don't follow through after taking on responsibilities without at least giving a decent excuse.

    But I think what irks me the most is attention whores. Those who say things simply for the shock value, those who exaggerate their situations for sympathy, those who post pictures of themselves just to fish for compliments. They make me want to bang my head against the wall.

  • What do you think are your top five abilities or qualities?

    1 - Good judge of character -- I've been told I do a good job of categorizing and describing people. Also, my first few impressions of people generally turn out to be pretty accurate.
    2 - Competitive -- It's a little sad, but I'm ridiculously motivated by competition. I don't like the idea of other people getting ahead of me without at least putting up a decent fight for it. We have an article count running for the online news portal I work for, and I use other writers' article counts as reference points for where I ought to be. This can also be counted as a weakness, since I get a little overboard sometimes. For example, just last week, I was using one girl as a reference point, until I got a little overexcited and ended up overshooting her by 30 articles.
    3 - Resourceful -- This is especially true when it comes to people around me. Some of my friends call it manipulation, but I think what I do is a little too passive to be called that. I just know who to turn to for different things. Those of my friends who are better listeners are the ones who get my stories (and if someone's not available, I have many others on a personal queue); my realistic friends are the ones I turn to when I'm feeling like a pity party is due; my Korean friend is the one I talk to when I'm online past midnight and feel like writing articles; I have friends across the globe so there's always someone to talk to regardless of how late I'm up; and etc. Downside: Sometimes I feel like I lack a proper imagination. I don't really like coming up with new things as much as I like working with things that have already been invented, and adapting or improving them in a way that's most useful to me.
    4 - Emotional stability -- I'm usually pretty calm, bordering on the happy side. It takes a lot to get a rise out of me, and when it does happen, my reaction is instantaneous. I'm back to normal minutes later, as if nothing's happened.
    5 - I give my all to what I do, whether it be work, relationships, or anything else. I like to know what I'm getting into beforehand, so I do a little research prior to fully investing myself. If I'm going to do it at all, it better be worth my time. I don't stay with things too long unless I think they're truly worth it. And if it is worth it, then why not show it?

  • What do you think are your top five weaknesses or worst qualities?

    1 - I get a little carried away with planning. I keep a detailed daily planner, with which I write out all of the events going on at any given time that I could possibly want to go to, list where they'll take place and who else is going, and check off what I actually did at the end of the day. Everyone who's seen my agenda calls me crazy, but I just like to know my options (and what I'm missing out on if I choose one). As soon as my university's schedule of classes is released (generally a good two months before my registration date), I stop whatever I'm doing and make my ideal schedule. Once I'm done with that, I create at least four backup schedules to fall back on in the event that classes fill up beforehand. I don't like the idea of waiting last minute and being pigeonholed into a class/time I don't want. Who'd want Friday classes?
    2 - Public speaking -- I don't participate enough in super public settings. I like behind-the-scenes work. Yes, I like getting my opinions out there, and I understand it's important for others to hear my point of view, but I like doing so in a more indirect way.
    3 - Controlling in relationships -- I like being the decision-maker. Also, I'm ridiculously possessive, to the extent that sometimes I'm blinded and start seeing people around me as my territory, my possessions, mine alone. This holds true not just for romantic relationships but friendships as well; I have a nasty habit of getting jealous whenever someone else gets close to people I'm close to. Also along these lines: I pick my friends carefully, and once you betray me, you are done.
    4 - Impatient -- Don't beat around the bush with me, you'll just annoy me. I also tend to make quick judgement calls. With most music, I'll give a song 10 seconds before I decide whether it's going anywhere or not. While I generally find that my initial judgment turns out to be right, sometimes it gets me into trouble because I'm not willing to stick around and stick it out. But I'm only impatient on my own terms and when it's convenient to me. If someone else needs me to do something ASAP, unless it's directly relevant to me or it's a genuine emergency, I don't usually rush. When people go on and on trying to explain things (ex: computer hardware), it bugs the hell out of me. I don't need to understand how and why it works; I just want to know what I can do with it.
    5 - Easily restless -- I can't just sit around doing nothing, or I don't know what to do with myself. This summer, I couldn't be contented to watch dramas for hours. I couldn't even make it through one before I started writing a review for it. The way I see it, if I'm not being productive in some way, I'm just wasting time. I'm constantly working on things, and I've been called a workaholic.

  • Define in your own words the following key traits:

    • Courage: An expression of emotional strength. There has to be some thought behind it, because there's a difference between being courageous (standing up for what you believe in, despite the opposition) and being pigheaded.
    • Loyalty: Caring for someone and standing by them regardless of the opposition. To me, loyalty is a more passive and people-oriented form of courage. There's also a lot of trust involved, as you have to believe that the person you're being loyal to is worthy of that loyalty.
    • Intelligence: Being able to reason and work your way around a problem. Extensive knowledge of whatever you have a vested interest in. Can seem relatively useless unless you're meaning to achieve something with it.
    • Ambition: Setting your goals high and being willing to put your all into achieving them. Can be a bad thing if you get too caught up in "getting there".

  • Name: Danielle
  • Age: 19
  • Where did you find out about us? I think it was via haseon_x3; I was downloading the HP 7 movie so I could watch it during my book/movie marathon.
  • Do you plan on being active in the communities once you are sorted? Oh yes. I wouldn't have spent half an hour researching occupations in the wizarding world just to get sorted and leave. I've actually been working on this application for a good two weeks now.

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    What HP character do you identify with most and why? When I was reading the books as a child, I identified the most with Harry, Lily and Ginny.…

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