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  1. What sort of profession in the wizarding world would you choose and why?
    I think I would, if I could choose any profession in the wizarding world, disregarding qualifications, I would choose to work in the department of mysteries. First, because I want to know, in detail, what they do down there, and second, because I think it would be a pretty epic job title. Head of the department of mysteries—yes, there is a certain ring to that.

    I also like the idea of learning about the unknown: The death curtain and the prophesies, for starters. I mean, how fascinating to be able to talk to someone from the beyond, and how amazing to be able to see into the future. And to study if what is happening (in both instances) is actually happening to everyone, or just to a select group of people, and why there are these differentiations.

  2. You have to venture deep into the Forbidden Forest one night. Pick one Harry Potter character other than Hagrid and one object (muggle or magical), besides your wand, that you'd want with you.
    This one was quite easy for me. For a character, I would take Remus Lupin. He is an expert on dark creatures and magic, and keeps his cool in dangerous situations. He is calmer than many of the other aurors introduced in the books, and less likely to go blasting curses off into the woods at the first sign of danger. Instead, he would investigate and act rationally, which would be much more useful as I am quite trigger happy enough for a whole troop of investigators.

    For the object, I would take a flamethrower. I mean, if you’re going to take my magic, the best thing I can think of is something that makes fire. Mythical beasts are afraid of fire (allegedly), and even if the flames don’t scare them off, everything burns. An added benefit of a flamethrower is that it gets rid of all the undergrowth as well, making it easier to get to our destination.

  3. If you had the opportunity to live forever, but your family and friends did not, what would you choose? And if you did choose to live forever, what would you do with eternity?
    I would choose to live forever. I mean, of course I would miss everyone, but the thing is, I could have them cryogenically frozen (hey man, I have an eternity to pay off any loans/debts I rack up, so who cares, right?) and have them re-awakened when we figure out how to bring people back to life…or wait for people to invent a time machine and come back and get them and bring them into the future. I’d figure it out.

    As for what I would do…well, I suppose if I have endless life, I may as well try and take over the world. You may jest, but I have endless time. I can build up a business empire, study politics, learn everything about the political system, build up a lot of historical knowledge, and generally become a queen among men. I mean, not everyone is going to be immortal, right? I’m assuming I will be one of the few? So that has to be quite impressive for people. And I think it would be reassuring for people to know that I couldn’t die, and to have that person as their leader ^___^.

    Aside from plotting world domination (it would probably never happen, I am the kind of person who can procrastinate endlessly—take now, I have an essay to write, and I am doing this application ^^;;), I would travel. I would live in as many places as I possibly could. I would study loads of different things. I’m working on my masters in international business management at the moment, but I would work in business for a time, to get experience, then do more degrees—I’d love to do something to do with psychology and social work, and maybe even take a course or three in foreign languages.

    The hardest thing would be losing the people I love, however. I would miss them terribly when they did go, and before I had discovered a way to get them back (I would figure out a way to do it). But I suppose everyone leaves us at some point or another, and, in the end, your life is what you make it, and I think it would be foolish *not* to take the opportunity.

  4. If you could travel back in time to one point, when and where would you go? Why?
    I can come back, right? If I can’t come back, that would be super annoying. I think I’d like to go back to the 1960s. Revolution, peace, love, drugs…that all just sounds amazing. I’d love to be there when the sexual revolution happened, I’d love to be part of the movement that gave women rights and that made consensual sex something to be celebrated, not shunned and hidden away in and to be ashamed of.

    I must admit, I’d also love to go to Woodstock and drop acid. I love the idea of LSD because it opens your mind to whole new horizons. It lets you explore everything inside your head—I mean, that could be terrifying, but imagine the potential that is locked up there. I have bipolar II/depression (they are not entirely sure what it is, but never mind), and I’d love to know *what* causes my moods to fluctuate so. In addition, the copious amounts of weed around would make me feel quite good too, as it is the only “medication” that works for me (before you judge, I only smoke in small amounts, and I never smoke and drive, go to work, etc. I get everything I need to done—I am not some “pot head”. Anyway…)

  5. What HP character do you identify with most and why?
    I think I identify most with Ron. He’s a real person: He has weaknesses and insecurities, and he often feels inferior to Harry, who is always considered special. I feel like this as well—my friends are attractive and smart and interesting. I feel I am nothing compared to them, and yes, sometimes I do want to storm off into the woods, never to return. But I don’t, and even if I do, metaphorically speaking, I always come back (like Ron). I love my friends and my family more than anything—I would die for them, as would Ron. I tend to break up tensions with humour like Ron. I have quite a thirst for adventure as well, like Ron, and am always up for helping my friends with any cockamamie schemes they might have ^^.

  6. What would you see if you looked into the Mirror of Erised?
    I would see myself as successful. Standing on a stage in a beautiful, elegant dress, with my hair and makeup perfectly in place, and my figure more in shape than I am now. I would be alone, accepting an award for my work in charity—I want to work for a large non-profit organisation organising projects and fundraisers, and later have my own organisation. My best friends would be in the audience, as would my current boyfriend (and by then he would be my husband). I don’t know how to indicate this in a mirror, but we wouldn’t have children, and we would travel the world, he teaching, and me working within developing countries and warzones.

  7. Do you believe that moral actions should be judged by the intentions behind them, or by the consequences they create?
    This is a very difficult to judge this. I think it depends how bad the consequences are. I mean, Hitler’s intentions were to make Germany a strong and powerful country again. This all went a little bit pear shaped, and no, I do not think he should be judged as anything but a vile, evil, horrible man *shudders*.

    In terms of less disastrous and disgusting outcomes, however, I think intent does have a lot of merits. Perhaps not to excuse the outcome entirely, but there can be some excuses made. For example, if I were to try, out of love and affection, to cook my boyfriend a meal, and ended up melting his microwave (or something…I really should never be allowed in the kitchen), it would be more forgivable than if I had melted his microwave because I was seeing if grapes exploded in the microwave (they do! ^_^). Both matter, and, of course, a negative consequence will always be a negative consequence, but the intentions will colour my judgement of a person and of those consequences, if that makes sense.

  8. What was your ideal job as a kid? Has that changed? What is your ideal job now?
    Well, my ideal job when I was a child was to the Goblin King, because dear lord I love The Labyrinth SO much. And yes, my ideal job has changed since then (although, if the job does open up, I’d gladly take it, although I might request baggier trousers ;)). My ideal job now would be to be running my own charity organisation, working with people from poverty stricken and war torn counties. My idea thus far (although I am a very long way from this goal) is to open useful businesses in these countries—water purification plants, electrical plants, etc.—and then slowly hand over ownership to the locals. I would train the people there in management, and have other workers within my organisation volunteer to train other workers in technical skill. Once the skills had been passed on, the people of the village/country could take over the business, and run it as their own. This would not only provide the area with an essential service (water, for example), but would also give the locals an opportunity to gain new skills, and to put money back into their economy.

    Of course, I have no idea how this will end up working out (it is my dream, but I need experience before I can even begin planning this business). At the moment, I’m trying to get into the PR management business, which will hopefully lead me to working within a larger non-profit organisation, and give me the opportunity to get the experience and funding behind me that I would need in order to complete this dream. If I am not able to start my own business, I would also be happy running my own projects for a large non-profit. As long as I get to be “on the ground”, as it were, and making a difference with my time, not just my money.

  9. If you were able to invent one spell, potion, or charm, what would it do, what would you use it for or how would you use it, and what would you call it?
    I would love to create a spell that created food. I know in the Potter universe you can’t magic something from nothing, but that is why I want to be able to invent it. I would call it ‘nutrittotallus’, meaning total nutrition (I think…Latin is not something I speak, blame Google!). The best use for it would be in countries where food is difficult to come by. I think, also, it would be good to include that the spell can also conjure up drinking water. Food and water are something we in developed and privileged countries take for granted, and I’d like to make it so that everyone in the world can take it for granted.

    And if I am not allowed to bend the laws of (magical) physics, then I would invent a potion that killed all pain. ALL PAIN. Including period cramps, because damnit, NOTHING works on killing these things completely, even codeine (don’t worry, I only know this because I once had the privilege of having my period while suffering from a snapped tendon >.> That was a fun time…-_-;).

  10. If you were to face a boggart, what would it turn into? And what does it turn into when you throw the counter-spell, Riddikulus?
    My boggart would be myself, pregnant. Pregnancy really is my biggest fear, for a number of reasons: Finances, responsibility, entrapment/losing my ability to focus on my career, and, most importantly, my tocophobia. When I throw the counter-spell at it, it would turn into Bonnie from Family Guy, because she is pregnant forever, and also a cartoon, so can’t be me hehe ^^ (I know this is a really strange fear, and I have every respect in the world for people who do go through pregnancy and have children, but it is not something I could EVER do).

  11. What do you look for in a friend?
    First and foremost, loyalty. I am very loyal to the people who I love (my best friends, my boyfriend, and my immediate family), and would die for them. I expect the same from my friends. The second quality I look for is intelligence and wit. And I don’t mean they have to be absolute geniuses or anything, I just mean they need to know a bit about what is going on in the world, need to have a want to learn new things (even if that is just us watching QI…I do that all the time!) and want to explore the world. Oh, and wit: Yeah, I like funny people. Overly mature people also need not apply for the role of my friend: Why the hell would I want to be boring and “adult”? The best thing about being an adult is doing all the things we weren’t allowed or couldn’t afford to do when we were kids. This includes making myself a deathstar table out of lego and glass (erm…moving on).

  12. What trait most annoys you about other people?
    Overconfidence and conceitedness. When someone bangs on and on about how good they are at something, or how beautiful they are, or how the sun shines out of their ass, I tend to look for flaws that they might have. Because no one is frikkin perfect, and I wouldn’t describe anyone as “awesome” at anything unless they literally were one of the best in the world. I mean, it is cool if you are good at something, but to go on and on about how absolutely fantastically brilliant you are when you really are, at best, mediocre, is just annoying! >.<;;

  13. What do you think are your top five abilities or qualities?
    01. Loyalty—I am very, very loyal. I would do anything for the people I love. I am also loyal to my beliefs, and will argue against what I believe to be social injustices even if it is just arguing at the Internet, which is as futile as trying to train a cat.

    02. Creativity—I am a creative person in that I come up with unique ways of solving problems. There can be a normal solution to a problem, but I tend to come up with my own, slightly odd way of solving it.

    03. Funny—I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty amusing. I can sometimes make inappropriate jokes, but that’s why I have my friends, who have gotten used to them over the years. It’s my way of dealing with negative occurrences: If someone is feeling down, my response is to try and make them laugh, because I know that once you start laughing, your mood improves, even if just by a fraction.

    04. People skills—When I can keep my temper in check, I’m really good with people. I know how to read body language and tweak my personality/actions so that I can get along with them as well as possible. I do remain myself, but I don’t act the same with, say, my lecturers and my friends. It seems to work quite well: I always manage to make a pretty good impression with people ^_^.

    05. Bullshitting skills—You may laugh, but one of my main talents is making my ideas make sense. Maybe bullshitting is the wrong word, maybe it is more ‘convincing skills’. Whatever the name for it, it got me through university—I can take theoretical ideas and organise them quickly in my head and apply them really easily to real-life examples. In the same vain, I can think quickly on my feet when I’m asked questions and give answers that sound like I have prepared them in advance, when in reality it is just what has popped into my head at that moment.

  14. What do you think are your top five weaknesses or worst qualities?
    01. Stubbornness—I am so very, very stubborn. I hate letting things lie in arguments, and become quite angry when people refuse to listen to me. I do have the tendency to believe fully in my arguments, and get very frustrated when people don’t see that I am right and they are wrong.

    02. Short temper—I have a really short temper. I can control it better than I could when I was younger, but I still flip my lid sometimes, especially when people are being idiots or if someone picks on my friends (I can put up with people being horrible to me, but start on my friends…*twitch*).

    03. Easily distracted—I always have about 10 projects on the go at once. I am interested in so many different things, and find so many different things interesting that I tend to get carried away and half-do loads of different things. So I’m average at lots of things, and a master at nothing.

    04. Self-depricating—I put myself down a lot in my head. Nothing I do is ever good enough for myself: I get a 2:1 at university, I should have got a first. I get a first, and I should have gotten a higher percentage grade (first is 70%+, so I would say I should have gotten an 80% or something). It is so annoying, because I always think people will think I’m fishing for compliments, but I’m not—I do actually need approval from others otherwise I just feel useless.

    05. Rashness—I tend to jump into things without thinking too much, and end up in situations where I probably shouldn’t be. This does, of course, lead to rather a lot of cool adventures, but also ends up getting me into trouble: And distracting me from work that is *actually* important.

  15. Define in your own words the following key traits:

    • Courage: Courage is standing up for what and who you believe in even if you are scared to do so. Courage is staying true to yourself, and being able to look in the mirror and say: “I am worthy. I still respect myself, and that is all that matters”. Courage is also facing what scares you/what holds you back head on. It is gritting your teeth and saying “Come on, we can do this, we are not scared” and taking everything you have just to get through that moment of fear.

    • Loyalty: Loyalty is sticking to your guns, and your friends. It is quite like the first part of the description of courage, to be honest. But loyalty is doing anything and everything you can to help your friends and loved ones: Even if you need to hurt them, loyalty means being honest about what will happen, and why it will happen. We lose everyone eventually, but the way we lose them, and the way we had them, is what is so, so, so important, and loyalty is the best way to ensure that the relationship, beginning to end, is the best it can possibly be.

    • Intelligence: Ah, now, I think there are different types of intelligence. There are people who are “book intelligent”: People who get straight As, distinctions on their PHDs, become doctors, lawyers, etc., etc. etc. There are also people with “street intelligence”: How to read people, how to make the most of situations, etc. And then there is a different kind of intelligence, which I can’t really explain: It’s the ability to absorb knowledge on all sorts of subjects—my boyfriend is like that: He knows everything about computers and cars, because he decided he wanted to learn, and so he did. So I think intelligence is all of those things, and none are better than the other, really.

    • Ambition: Ambition, now, this is quite easy for me: Ambition is having a goal, and going and getting it, by whatever means you need to. It is difficult to be ambitious, because, so often, life gets in the way. True ambition is not derailed by the distractions of life, and truly ambitious people are willing to sacrifice everything in order to get what they want. Of course, there are varying degrees of ambition, but I think what I described is pure ambition, which can be just as damaging as it is rewarding.

  16. Name: Hani
  17. Age: 24
  18. Where did you find out about us? Hogwarts Elite
  19. Do you plan on being active in the communities once you are sorted? Indeed I do ^__^

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